Beautiful Blood

Beautiful Blood Lucius Shepard S Beautiful Blood Is Something Both Special And Long Awaited The First Novel Length Exploration Of The World Of The Dragon Griaule It S A Subject That Has Preoccupied Shepard Since The Publication Of The Man Who Painted The Dragon Griaule In 1984, And He Has Returned To It Repeatedly Over The Years, Though Never Before In Such A Mesmerizing, All Encompassing Fashion.Like The Initial Tale, Beautiful Blood Begins In The 1850s In The Town Of Teocinte, In A World Separated From Our Own By The Thinnest Margin Of Possibility It Is A Landscape Whose Dominant Feature Is The Massive, Long Dormant Body Of An Ancient Dragon That Has Lain There, Motionless, For Millennia, Exerting A Powerful But Mysterious Influence On The Surrounding Area The Novel Tells The Story Of Richard Rosacher, An Ambitious Young Medical Student Who Becomes Fascinated By The Properties Inherent In The Dragon S Blood His Exploitation Of Those Properties Launches Him On A Career That Leads Him From The Shabbiest Quarter Of Teocinte To A Morally Ambiguous Position Of Power, Wealth, And Influence Beautiful Blood Takes Us Though The Entire Length Of That Career, Which Is Marked Throughout By The Invisible Agency Of Griaule, Who May Well Be The Driving Force Behind Rosacher S Astonishing Ascension.The Novel Also Encapsulates The Events Of The Initial Griaule Story, Events That Dovetail Neatly With The Current Tale Meric Cattanay, The Eponymous Protagonist Of The Man Who Painted The Dragon Griaule, Makes A Welcome Reappearance Here Meric S Decades Long Involvement With The Dragon Begins At Roughly The Same Time As Rosacher S Their Stories Proceed Along Parallel But Independent Lines That Occasionally Intersect, Providing Us With A View Of Familiar Events Wider And Deeper Than Any We Have Had Before The Result Is A Colorful, Involving Narrative With Profound Metaphysical Overtones, One That Raises But Does Not Answer Significant Questions Is The Dragon Merely A Bizarre But Entirely Natural Phenomenon Or Is He It The Manifestation Of Some Divine Purpose And To What Extent Are The Actions Of Men Like Meric And Rosacher The Reflections Of Its Implacable But Enigmatic Will Questions Such As These Animate The Narrative At Every Turn, Adding An Extra Level Of Resonance To One Of The Most Original And Important Fictional Creations Of Recent Years. This is a copy of the Deluxe Hardcover number 128 of 1000 Book has dragon scale end papers but is smaller in height than usual Subterranean Press books This by all accounts is Mr Shepards last book Someone may find a number of uncollected stories and publish an anthology, and we would all be lucky if they do Lucius Shepard August 21, 1943 March 18, 2014 Before reading this book please, and I ask this in the kindest way, read his collection The Dragon Griaule or the stories that are collected there in The Dragon Griaule collects Lucius Shepard s six stories and novellas about Griaule, the mile long 750 foot high dragon that has been in a spellbound sleep for thousands of years The table of contents is 1984 s The Man Who Painted the Dragon Griaule , 1988 s The Scalehunter s Beautiful Daughter also available from Mark Ziesing Books, 1989 s The Father of Stones also available from Washington Science Fiction Association, 2004 s Liar s House , 2010 s The Taborin Scale , and 2013 s The Skull a new 40,000 word novel that advances the story in unexpected ways, connecting the ongoing saga of an ancient and fabulous beast with the political realities of Central America in the 21st century The book is available on some form of e reader, or from Subterranean Press in the printed format.In The Man Who Painted the Dragon Griaule available to reed here for free from Baen Books is an account of an artist Meric Cattanay and his decades long effort to paint and kil
A very good novel, and an excellent coda to Shepard s work set around the Dragon Griaule an immense, undying, maybe metaphysical dragon, paralyzed thousands of years ago by a wizard, who is both the central presence and sometimes setting in a series of very good linked short novels, mostly set in a kind of alternate 1900s This one is maybe most impressive because, after the books collected in The Dragon Griaule, which were written slowly over 30 years and, though I don t remember why exactly, in my review I compared to to Bolano s 2666 , I d thought the story was done This novel, while not taking things forward exactly, ties together a lot of strands from the other novellas, though generally it s just the story of a life of a not very good man, who discovers the dragon s blood can be used as a drug, and uses it to create a small empire Shepard s writing has always had a powerful classical elegance, and it s in full force here The overall arc, in a lot of ways, is also very classical there s a lot of narrative, but mostly it moves at the rhythm of life over 40 years, asking a lot of questions without answering many of them, but somehow being amazingly compelling the whole way The landscape descriptions were particularly striking, as Shepard gives us so many elaborate, beautifully render
It s been ages since I read a Lucius Shepard novel This one is hard to define Short and sweet There s the dragon Griaule, in an ensorcelled sleep for thousands of years with no end in sight the city built around and on it along with the ecosystem that developed on and inside it and those who wish to get rich and or powerful from it Shepard creates an amazing, dynamic, and somewhat frightening world around, on, and in the dragon Wi
Loved it But sad that it was his last. I ve admired Shepard s books for a long time, and looked forward to reading this addition to the Dragon Griaule stories, but found it hard to stay focused on the story I m not sure if it was because of the sudden occasional jumps in time or a main character I found less engaging an
Beautiful Blood is not bad novel, just fairly minor It is like many final works by authors who were in physical decline before their death, I am afraid.It is a companion piece to the 2012 collection, The Dragon Griaule I actually consider that to be one of Shepard s strongest collections, and a very strong work within the body of fantasy fiction It wouldn t surprise me to see it emerge as an important work over the next few decades, but you can never be sure with these things Certainly, in the field when I particularly ply my bit of craft the dragons, the witches, the swordsmen and the like , I think it s a unique and important book that many should read I suspect Shepard would groan at the very thought of it, since he never had much time for that fantasy, but the Dragon Griaule is a very strong, excellent book, its whole not really a collection, but of a fractured, mosaic novel.Beautiful Blood is a pale addition next to it, but it is by no means a bad book It echoes themes of addiction and religion, themes that are in other of Shepard s novels A Handbook of American Prayer for example , and dips into other places, but it ultimately feels unfocused and looses its narrative thread about half way through As I said, I didn t mind my time with it, but I won t pretend it isn t something that it isn t,
This was the first book I have admitted to myself I will never finish It had an intriguing idea and plot, but it was poorly executed with too many digressions, extraneous characters, and irrelevant details His writing style wasn t bad, but out could use some development, along with his plotting There were moments when I really liked how certain characters interacted, but there were other moments where I just totally disconnected from the story, which is death to my interest level I fee
With the passing of Lucius Shepard, he has left us with questions of morality for the reader to answer in the closing of the Dragon Griaule stories Expanding from the previous novelette length, I was gladto have the joy of reading of the prose that marks a style uniquely Lucius. An outstanding last novel in the Dragon Griaule world Lucius Shepard was a marvelous author, taken way too soon Highly recommended, but make sure you read the novellas in The Dragon Griaule first. Not really my fare but I gave it a try since I won a copy of the book by chance.Interesting setting a town abutting a huge dragon that s been immobile for millennia.I didn t care for the main character though or the book s portrayal of women mostly they exist to be slept with.

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