Still Reigning

Still Reigning But Despite It All, She S Still Here Still In Charge, Still Iconic, And Still Keeping The Gin Industry In Business Still Reigning.In This Uproarious Collections Of Musings From A Matriarch, The Queen Of Twitter Shares Some Unvarnished Opinions About Her Subjects And The Rest Of The Civilized World Of Her Adoring Public Across The Pond In America, She Notes, One Thinks Of Them As A Mother Thinks Of A Teenage Boy With A Mixture Of Pride And Exasperation Witty And Insightful, Yes Ma Am Is A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Britain S Pop Monarch. Another social media account that didn t translate to a book If you use Twitter you might have come across the Queen_UK handle It is a parody of Queen Elizabeth II of what she really thinks about various things politicians, news events, sports games, etc It s a funny parody and it s fun to think it s really Queen Elizabeth herself she has an actual account so perhaps not This is a collection of her thoughts Unfortunately maybe not it s not in the tweet form I m not exceptionally familiar with her but it seems like a summation of her thoughts on various issues from the Olympics to President Obama to the then leadership of the United Kingdom in Parliament, etc Most entries are only a few pages long, some are only about a page or two Some are quite amusing and are actually quite on the nose On Nick Clegg she says both he and the Liberal Democrat party would pretty much disappear in 2015, which was the next scheduled general election at the time But these are too far and few in between It s
I loved and chuckled often at The Queen_UK on Twitter in the beginning I have the first book, and laughed several times while reading it In most of her tweets and analysis, I thought she was spot on Witty However, with this one I don t find it nearly as funny Maybe because there is so much repetition between each chapter, and sometimes she contradicts herself from chapter to chapter Plus, I get that it is a gimmick, but after hearing in chapter after chapter not to mention in several tweets over the past couple of years how much the Queen of Spain loves Phillip Schofield, I got a bit tired of the whole concept There is a decided lack of imagination beyond some jokes that gets repeated ad nauseam It is a fun idea when you evolve as you go along, but to me the fun of it has outlived itself If you haven t read the first book, or followed the persona on Twitter, then it is worth the read If you have probably not And I feel supremely grumpy for saying that, because I really wanted to be en

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