Legion Paul Levitz Continues His 21st Century Run On DC S Most Famous 31st Century Team, The Legion Of Super Heroes Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl And Lightning Lad These Three Heroes Began The Formation Of The Legion But Why Was The Organization Known As The United Planets Formed Who Tried To Kill R.J Brande The First Time What Great Power Could Leave Entire Planets Desolate And Lifeless Though These Questions Have Remained Unanswered For Years, SECRET ORIGIN Will Uncover The Until Now Untold Details Of One Of The Greatest Super Teams Of All Time The Man Who Knows The Legion Of Super Heroes Best, Paul Levitz, Along With Artist Chris Batista, Bring You One Of The Most Exciting And Pivotal Legion Stories To Date Reprints Legion Secret Origin 1 6 December 2011 May 2012 The universe is in danger The 31st Century needs heroes and the United Planets forces aren t strong enough to stop the danger R.J Brande has a plan and a team to stop the oncoming threat The danger is real and the Legion of Super Heroes could be the only hope Written by Paul Levitz, Legion Secret Origin collects the six issue limited series The series features art by Chris Batista and was released after the New 52 relaunch of the DC Universe.The New 52 didn t hit the Legion in fact the Legion was severed from the New 52 DCU leaving a team behind in Legion Lost Legion Secret Origin actually is a little sketchy since the Legion has been relaunch time and time again A clear timeline for the Legion hasn t really been established with events like Crisis, Zero Hour, Infinite Crisis, etc always tearing apart their world For this reason, Legion Secret Origin feels a bit redundant and as a fan of Legion, you know it might not be permanent.The story just really doesn t add enough to the Legi
The idea of interweaving a new story amidst a comic s origin has been done well elsewhere, but sadly not here Instead, it s kind of incoherent There were some elements I liked the way this story better linked the really sporadic early Legion stories However, beyond that we get a menace that never really gels and is overly obvious at the end We get bits of real Legion history that will probably be meaningless to everyone but big fans Oh, and we get ver
I m a big fan of Levitz original Legion run, from back in the 80s So this is kind of like comfort food for me But it s a little unsatisfying It was originally a six issue mini series DC s publishing history from when this came out 2011 2012 is a bit confusing, so I m not sure if it ties into anything else Legion related that was coming out at arou
A fun, albeit quick read. A good introduction to the Legion. I think as an origin story it kinda fails I picked it up hoping it would help me get into other Legion titles within the New 52 I couldn t get myself to care about all of these characters, which admittedly are new t
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I think with all of the controversy that has surrounded some of Paul Levitz s decisions as DC Comics former EIC, one thing was forgotten besides even Mark MIllar telling people that Levitz really is can be a very nice human being Levitz cam write, and this is my first exposure to some of his new work Currently he is writing two ongoing series, and he just wrapped up two mini series.This is Levitz introducing people to the Legion s back story Outside of Dr Who I cannot think of any property with a confused continuity So my first bit of advice is pick your Legion canon and go from there, or do as I do Enjoy the fact that for some reason the title seems to attract, or make, some
The art is pretty lame as even when there is trouble afoot most of the Shiny Happy People barely get a wrinkle above their brow The story is so recycled and unoriginal and the security council narrative so heavy handed that is seems like the most unnecessary piece ever What s that character from Naltor these young people are important I don t think I read it properly the first time if you could just keep repeating that EVERY OTHER PAGE I m sure the message will get through Not to mention instead of actually taking the time to develop characters he just has them barfed all over the page At one point Lyle is trying to tell his backstory and Lightening Lad shus
Having been a Legion fan for a long time, I have read many versions of their origin Paul Levitz, as expected, enhances the story and delivers a lot of behind the scenes info The story covers the period from RJ Brande s first gathering together Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad up until they are about