Just so You Know I'm not Dead

Just so You Know I'm not DeadJUST SO YOU KNOW I M NOT DEAD Contains Three Previously Published Shorts Triangulation About An Unusual Love Triangle Gone Very Wrong, 2,984,000 Pounds Of Pressure About The Best Or Worst Day In The Life Of A Gas Company Employee You Be The Judge Who Discovers A Missing Child, And Dreaming Deep, A Tribute To Horror Master H P Lovecraft Set On A Tugboat In Long Beach, California And Featuring A Sidetrip To Atascadero, The Real Life Penal Asylum For The Criminally Insane TRIANGULATION Was Chosen By Editor Nick Mamatas To Launch THE BIG CLICK Magazine In March 2012 Alongside Crime Fiction Greats Ken Bruen And Tom Piccirilli Design By Jeremy Tolbert.2,984,000 POUNDS OF PRESSURE Appeared In Crime Factory S First Anthology THE FIRST SHIFT Published By New Pulp Press Keith Rawson, Cameron Ashley And Jimmy Callaway, Editors Duane Swierczynski, The Author Of FUN AND GAMES Called The Book, Audacious, Innovative And Downright Twisted DREAMING DEEPbelongs To The Weird Fiction And Cosmic Horror Subgenres Pioneered By H.P Lovecraft Who Is Highly Regarded Among The Most Influential Horror Writers Of The 20th Century He Died In Poverty This Story Is A Tribute To Mr Lovecraft And His Cthulhu Mythos Dreaming Deep Was First Published In HORROR FACTORY, A Crime Factory Special Edition Liam Jos , Jimmy Callaway And Cameron Ashley, Editors Nathanael Scott, Illustrations Matthew C Funk Is Credited As Helpful Spirit. Anonymous 9 is a catchy pen name The n s give it a groove The author claims to use a pen name in case her writing is unsuccessful I don t think she has anything to worry about This book of short stories is like a teaser, inspiring this reader to search out of A 9 s addictive fiction These three stories grabbed my attention immediately The characters have secrets to tell, an
Recommended to fans of edge of your seat suspense tales.Short and shocking.Any of these stories could have been published in one of those old 1960s Alfred Hitchock Presents paperback anthologies.Impossible to overpraise this.Anonymous 9 s writing is outstanding.Gets in,
3 Fantastic stories from one of my favorite writers 3 Completely unrelated gems that need to be read by all If you have read any of her short fiction in the past, you are going to love these beauties I can t get enough of her stuff Highly recommended. My introduction to stories by Anonymous 9 Short, fast and sharp I ll be adding her to my list of writers to follow. i don t usually read too many short story collections, but Anonymous 9 is an author to watch these 3 stories were very short, but very very good i want to know about what happens to these characters next the first 2 stories and characters have great p
Not read any of Anonymous 9 s short fiction before, only her novel HARD BITE, which I thoroughly enjoyed.Three stories in this brief package, two crime stories and a bit of horror reminiscent of H P Lovecraft he s even mentioned in the tale.Liked them a lot. This short collection of stories combines noir and horror Each tale has a kicker at the end I particularly enjoyed Dreaming Deep I ve read a long story from the author that covers most of these elements and , but even so this one struck a nerve It s a well crafted Lovecraftian tale. Synopsis blurb.Three hardboiled blockbuster short stories from the vivid imagination of Anonymous 9, author of HARD BITE, the award winning, bestselling novel published by Blasted Heath Scotland and New Pulp Press USA JUST SO YOU KNOW I M NOT DEAD contains three previously published shorts Triangulation about an unusual love triangle gone very wrong, 2,984,000 Pounds of Pressure about the best or worst day in the life of a gas company employee you be the judge who discovers a missing child, and Dreaming Deep, a tribute to horror master H P Lovecraft set on a tugboat in Long Beach, California and featuring a sidetrip to Atascadero, the real life penal asylum for the criminally insane ABOUT ANONYMOUS 9 Listed as a one of the freshest, most inventive writers in crime fiction today, Anonymous 9 is named on many blogs and Best of lists year after year She is the winner of Spinetingler Mag s Best Short Story on the Web, 2009, recipient of a 2012 Readers Choice Award from The House of Crime and Mystery, Canada and was on MYSTERYPEOPLE S Top 5 Debut Novels of 2013 She has been nominated for 2 Thriller Awards sponsored by the International Thriller Writers and two Derringer Awards sponsored by The Short Mystery Fiction Society JUST SO Y
JUST SO YOU KNOW I M NOT DEAD is a short collection of three stories that is highly entertaining and also serves as a great introduction to Anonymous 9 s writing Incredibly, this is the first time I ve had the pleasure of reading this author s work but I can tell you now, very soon I shall be placing her other works near the top of the Reading List.I came across this collection while searching for weird fiction to read for my Year In Weird feature I knew Anonymous 9 as an acclaimed writer of mystery and noir fiction but the closing story here, Dreaming Deep , is an homage to the old master himself, H.P Lovecraft Dreaming Deep is a moody story that I feel nicely captures the atmosphere Lovecraftian fiction ought to have a story where something dark and incomprehensible is happening off stage, yet still manages to permeate the action going on right before our eyes What really happened to the young boy lost at sea The local folk believe it to be the work of a serial killer but the boy s father knows the truthand he is locked away in an asylum It would be awesome if 9 decided to continue this story elsewhere, or at least write in this genre she is as adept here as she is in her noir fiction.And speaking of which, let s talk about Triangulation I did predict the outcome of the story but still had a blast getting there For being such a short piece, 9 still manages to build tension as she goes, and before you know it, sadly for we the readers, t
I know Anonymous 9 from HARD BITE, her thoroughly compelling revenge novel about a killer paraplegic and his murderous monkey, but I had never read any of her short stories JUST SO YOU KNOW I M NOT DEAD is my introduction to Anonymous shorts and wow, what an introduction The first two stories are gloriously, perfectly noir and are almost as short as they are powerful I think 9 was showing off a little bit here, telling two stories that were so blazingly fast, yet hammer to the f