The Girl From Yesterday

The Girl From Yesterday After The Death Of His Best Friend, Shane Dunphy Runs Away From His Life Working At A Special Needs Cr Che, And Attempts To Avoid His Child Protection Instincts However, When A Part Time Journalism Job In Rural Ireland Leads Him To A Family In Desperate Need Of Intervention, And A Young Girl Crying Out For Protection, Shane Cannot Stand Idly By And WatchLittle Emma Blaney Lives With Her Three Siblings In An Ancient Farmhouse, With A Life That Is Like Something From Another Time No Running Water, No Electricity, And No Contact With The Outside World Whilst Covering A Land Dispute Between Emma S Father Tom And His Powerful Brother Gerry, Shane Discovers That There Is A Lot Wrong With The Family Than Just A Feud The Children Are Filthy, Nervous And And Undernourished In Order To Protect Emma And Her Siblings, Shane Finds Himself At Loggerheads With The Church, Local Government, Big Business, Property Developers And Industrial Farmers But Shane Must Discover The Truth About The Girl From Yesterday, Before It Is Too Late, Even If It Will Cost Him His New Life This book was about Shane Dunphy setting up a new life for himself by driving west and settling in a random small town This gave the whole thing a Jodi Picoult feel but much punchier The neatness of this story and the boozy subplot gho
Loved this bookEmma is my favorite person in this book and the one alot like myself Such a sweet little girl who went through so much but stayed so strong I recomend this book. Incredible storyI could not put this book down The author does an excellent job of drawing the reader into the story I just loved it and now can t wait to read the next book on my kindle by Shane Dunphy Keeps your interestI enjoy reading books that keep my interest from beginning to end This was definitely one of those books I also enjoy words not commonly used in everyday vocabulary This is the second book I have read from this author, and I plan on reading a lot At first I wasn t sure if I was reading a novel or non fiction It became clear further on.. Brilliant readLove Shane dunphys books, this one is no exception I would recommend anyone to read this story and his others If this was a work of fiction, it would be a good read as a non fiction book it is a MUST read Respected child protection worker, Shane Dunphy has had enough Whilst working at a special needs cr che and precipitated by the death of his best friend Lonnie Whit, he decides to run away He packs a few personal items, his dog Millie and takes off, settling in rural Ireland Determined on a change of career, he starts teaching mature age students and writing for the local newspaper.On his first assignment for the newspaper, Shane visits the ancestral home of the Blaney family and meets the current residents, father Tom, his wife Dora and their four children Shane is covering the dispute between Tom Blaney and his brother Gerry over ownership of the land which has been in the family s hands since the 13th Century Can you imagine in this day and age a home without electricity, without running water, no television, no computer games, not even a radio The four children Jim, Winnie, Dom and Emma are dirty and smelly although Jim briefly attended the local school, the other three are supposedly home schooled by their mother Dora All are severely undersized for their age, a sign Shane well knows indicates malnourishment Although his protection antenna engages as he sees the signs of abuse and neglect, Shane reminds himself that this is no lo
I have read a few of his books I like them all but this is my favourite by far I really enjoyed the story of his own crisis of faith in what he does for a living and how he ran away to start again and built up his life in a new town The story has lots of interes
I really enjoyed this book, which always feels odd to say when a story contains very sad elements, such as child abuse The story had many elements, following quite a few different individuals but all linked up very well and as this is a true story
You really want a book like this to be fiction This book is beautifully written with a real message of hope despite all the horrors it contains There is also a real message about love and grief and how we try to overcome them It is really brave and I would recommend it.