No Orchids for Miss Blandish

No Orchids for Miss BlandishUno De Los Grandes Hitos De La Novela Negra El Secuestro De Una Joven Y Rica Heredera, Llevado A Cabo Por La Banda Del Psic Pata Slim Grisson Y Su Madre, Da Pie A Una Historia Cruel Y Violenta Que Ha Conocido Varias Adaptaciones Teatrales Y Dos Versiones Cinematogr Ficas, Entre Las Que Destaca La Dirigida Por Robert Aldrich It s probably the best book by James Hadley Chase A very well written book unputdownable, and one of the best crime thriller novels of all time Villain is unforgettable, and so does Miss Blandish Its one of the Le Monde s 100 Books of the Century. Slim, still grinning, held the knife point just below Riley s navel and put his weight on the handle The knife went in slowly as if it were going into butter Riley drew his lips back HIs mouth opened There was a long hiss of expelled breath as he stood there Tears sprang from his eyes Slim stepped back, leaving the black hilt of the knife growing out of Riley like a horrible malformation Riley began to give low, quavering cries His knees were buckling but the cord held him up His weight on the ropes pushed the knife handle up so that the blade slowly cut deeper inside him.Slim sat on the grass a few feet away and gave himself a cigarette He pushed his hat over his eyes and squinted at Riley Take your time, Pal, We ain t in a hurry He gave him a crooked smile as his fingers traced the sky Ain t them clouds pretty Slim Grissom is a psychopath His tendencies for cruelty manifested themselves when he was still in grade school He cut up small animals, and tortured little girls He liked to inflict pain James Hadley Chase created Slim Grissom He was a bookseller in London when h
It looks a lot American than English with gangster and all, the sort you might find in Pulp Fiction no character has any morals whatsoever and there is a lot of sex and violence You remember Ezekiel s biblical verses That kind of thing , and everything is stereotyped and cliche This one is worth reading if only for Orwell s essay on same, in which he analyses the book and genre and argues that it is all about power struggle and realism big fish eats small fish, survival of the fittest kind of realism without make believe game of morality There is no room for such stuff as compassion in most characters, Miss Blandish who suffers the most is dehumanized to a level at which her first name is never revealed She is just used, just like a couple of other women are, in what is a big game of chess played by multiple players all men except one Ma Garrison who is so clever and strong that she could be a feminist inspiration had she not been such a misogynist One would argue that John Krammer and Joker Heath Ledger one are natural off springs
No Orchids For Miss Blandish James Hadley Chase s First Novel I m ashamed of myself I m a person without any background, any character or any faith Some people could cope with this because they believe in God I haven t believed in anything except having a good time She clenched and unclenched her fists, then she looked up her fixed smile made Fenner feel bad Miss Blandish to Dave Fenner I m quite sure that my rating might have been a bit higher had I actually been reading No Orchids For Miss Blandish as James Hadley Chaseoriginally wrote it in 1939 However, having difficulty finding a copy, I thought I would be pleased with the copy I downloaded on my Kindle Pictured is the 1951 Harlequin paperback edition Though I have reason to doubt that even that contains the content of that edition.I found myself distracted by anachronisms appearing throughout the edition I read In a novel written in 1939, Slim Grisson has two televisions to which he is glued for hours at a time During a climactic chase scene, the police use a helicopter to track down Slim and Miss Blandish Once again, the television enters the picture with law enforcement having the networks to broadcast the facts of Slim s escape and a request that anyone with information call in to aid in his apprehension.For a comparison between the various editions of No Orchids for Miss Blandish, I highly recommend , containing an
This is a superb crime thriller about a jewelry heist that becomes a murder and kidnapping.I m not going to give away any of the plot other than to say it is action packed and completely involving I made the mistake of rea
This is one seriously grim novel.It s hard to believe that this was written in 1939 by a first time author it is so incredibly graphic, even compared to the great hard boiled authors of the time like Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler, in it s depiction of the gangland behaviour of the time and the minutiae of murder, in addition to which it is a fully accomplished piece of genre writing that you might expect to read from an experienced master.Broken up in to four chapters and they may as well have been labelled part instead of chapter, you are first treated to the almost spontaneous kidnapping on an heiress the eponymous Miss Blandish then the fall out double crosses essential, before meeting a private detective who is belated put on the case and then finally the longest section being the denouement which I could spoil but instead
The total lack of mystery we always know exactly who s done what to who, why that guy got knocked off, what this cop is thinking doesn t matter.The casual sexism One of the important facts of life that Paula had learned the hard way was not to keep any man waiting and if you re a female in this novel you re going to get your bottom patted doesn t matter.The cardboard characters There was Eddie Schultz, one time bodyguard of Murder Incorporate There was Woppy, a clever safe expert Slim Grissom s background was typical of a pathological killer don t matter.The beyond clich dialogue Anyone who touches her has me to reckon with.I don t know nothing about nothing You ve got nothing on me.I don t know what you re talking about, copperYour only hope is to come cleanLet s make it quick and gory.You re surrounded Come out with your hands in the air You haven t a chance doesn t matter.The shock realisation that this hardestboiled American crime thriller was written by a public school educated upper middle clas
. Highest Recommendation A relentlessly brutal page turner.At the end of the novel my heart was pounding and threatening to jump up into my throat.One of the best of the classic era hardboiled thrillers, up there with the very best of Hammett and Cain.A must read for all fans of the noir genre.Best described by Geor
Dave Fenner has been hired to find Miss Blandish, kidnapped three months ago the police have not found her despite the ransom being paid The suspected kidnappers have disappeared, but the heiress is in the hands of Ma Grisson and her scary henchman Slim, who has wiped out their rivals and taken possession of the girl The closer Fenner gets the horrifying the situations appears in No Orchids for Miss Blandish.James Hadley Chase has a written a very raw book with No Orchids for Miss Blandish and you can see the obvious James M Cain influence though out this book But you can t really fault Chase for that, Cain was a master at noir and it feels like he has taken the genre to a whole new level For a book written in 1938 I was surprised to see how violent and sexualised this novel is But on reflection there was no real mention, Chase just hints very obviously and leaves the rest to the reader s imagination.From the very start this book hooks you in and takes you on a very dark journey Written in three viewpoints you get an interesting perspective of what is going on This was a gruesome depiction of gang life that puts a lot of the noir successors to shame James Hadley Chase knows how to hit hard with his disturbing characters, fast pace and realistic violence.Sure, this book may travel into the realms of predictable but this book moves so fast you don t have time to stop and think about that Dave Fenner has the makings of a good protagonist and I can t wait to see