The Loveliest Woman in America: A Tragic Actress, Her Lost Diaries, and Her Granddaughter's Search for Home

The Loveliest Woman in America: A Tragic Actress, Her Lost Diaries, and Her Granddaughter's Search for HomeIn 1927, At The Age Of Twenty Three, Rosamond Pinchot Was Hailed As The Loveliest Woman In America At Thirty Three, In A Sudden, Shocking, And Highly Public Act, Rosamond Took Her Own Life, Setting In Motion Generations Of Confusion In The Family She Left Behind.Nearly Seventy Years After Her Demise, Her Granddaughter Bibi Received A Box Of Than 1,500 Pages Of Rosamond S Diaries And Embarked On A Seven Year Journey To Make Sense Of The Silence That Surrounded Rosamond S Death And To Discover The Grandmother She Never Knew An Acclaimed Beauty, Actress, Socialite, And Outdoorswoman, Rosamond Became The Key To Bibi S Understanding Of Her Enigmatic And Adventurous Father, Her Glamorous But Painfully Divided Family, And Herself.Through The Silent Labyrinth Of A Brilliant But Troubled Family, Bibi Pieced Together Rosamond S Life Story Her Magical Embrace Of Nature, Her Love For Two Compelling But Difficult Men, And Her Circle Of On Tops, Intimates, And Mentors, Including Elizabeth Arden, Eleanor Roosevelt, George Cukor, And David O Selznick Bibi Also Discovered The Tragic Legacy Of The Women In Her Family, Including Rosamond S Cousin Edie Sedgwick And Her Half Sister, Mary Pinchot Meyer, Whose Murder In 1964 Has Never Been Solved.As If Looking In A Mirror, Bibi Found Parts Of Herself In The Complex, Tragic, Yet Beautiful Story Of The High Spirited Rosamond Pinchot And Designed A Mission At Midlife To Outlive The Often Difficult, But Exuberant And Passionate, Lives Of Her Ancestors. An incredible story of family, wealth, betrayal, show business and the revelations of at least two beautiful souls the subject and the author. I picked this book up in the gift shop at Grey Towers, the Pinchot family home in Milford, PA Rosamund s story is fascinating she suffered from depression I do too, so I related to her struggles , was in a terrible marriage with an unrepentant narcissistic drunk, and wanted than a woman of her time could conceivably have Her suicide was shockingly unexpected and reverberated through the family for decades The book prompts a lot of insights and introspection The Pinchot family, particularly James, Gifford, and Cornelia Rosamund s grandfather, uncle, and aunt, respectively were huge philanthropists, but also kept the wealth within the family Gifford s brother Amos, the younger son, was left out of the loop and never had quite the wealth of older brother He passed that attitude to his children some were cared for while others were left out in the cold Rosamund s sons fell into the same trap Bottom line wealth is no guarantee of happiness Wealth keeps to itself, no matter how many charitable donations are made The book rambles from Rosamund s story to her son Bill s story to Bibi Gaston s own story, which can be a bit disconcerting at first if you re expecting a straightforward biography However, as you
I actually enjoyed this book very much it kept my interest With that being said, I think the author had a hard time keeping her focus and couldn t decide who the book was about I think she really wanted it to be about her most of the time, and a good deal of the book was spent exploring her pain and the pain that comes from being the ancestor of a suicide and some very negligent parents At times I would have liked to have gotten much of the history of her paternal grandmother, the subject of this book, as Rosamond Pinchot moved in some amazing social circles with some of the greatest names of her time But for some reason, I forgave her lack of focus because, in reality, one of the points of the book was to show how a suicide will impact a family for several generations, and she successfully proved just how damaging Pinchot s suicide was to the lives of her children and grandchildren Bibi Gaston actually de
While not the greatest writer, Bibi Gaston has crafted an interesting portrait of her family s multiple generations and multiple dysfunction I was hoping for direct diary excerpts, but she did do a fantastic job piecing together her Grandmother s life, and juxtaposing it with her father s
A rather fascinating story of a woman trying to live within the confines of her time and yet break free That she suffered from depression and that her story affected her family through the next generations made for an interesting read. Lovely writing and weaving of lives and landscapes I m old enough to recognize many of the famous names in theatre, film, art, and politics so I was captivated. I thought this was slow moving It dealt with her granddaughter than Rosamond herself And since Bibi is a landscape architect, not a writer, sometimes the writing was repetitive or convoluted. The sobriquet of loveliest woman in America was bestowed by the press on Rosamund Pinchot, grandmother of the author A member of a wealthy family, she was discovered by a Broadway producer onboard a luxury liner when she was 19 and became a star in 1923 Pretty, outgoing, with plenty of money, she seemed to have it all But in 1938 she went into her garage, ran a hose from the tailpipe of her car in through the window, started the car and lay down in the back seat to await death Bibi Gaston is Rosamund s granddaughter Gaston never met her grandmother and really knew nothing of her her father, only 9 when his mother died, did not wish to speak of her Gaston didn t really begin to find out things about Rosamund until after her father died and she got hold of Rosamund s diaries This is not just the story of Rosamund it s the story of Rosamund s family, her marriage, her sons, and Gaston herself The actions of one family member can affect the other members for years, and this is an examination of that Rosamund married a man who was constantly sleeping around and was emotionally abusive and controlling While she separated from him, she never divorced
I found this book in a thrift show I picked it up and put it down a few times Wound up buying it, because there were so many famous names mentioned from the worlds of showbiz politics, as well as Andy Warhol s Edie Sed
Parts of this book are fascinating and give you a clearer understanding of the interplay of relationships and nonrelationships that continue through the generations of entrenched families who wield influence on the East Coast.

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  • The Loveliest Woman in America: A Tragic Actress, Her Lost Diaries, and Her Granddaughter's Search for Home
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