Walking the Walk

Walking the Walk It S One Thing To Hear A Life Changing Truth Or To Have A Conceptual Grasp On Spiritual Wisdom But It S Another Thing To Walk The Walk Or To Put Into Practice The Good Advice We Ve Been Given What Does It Mean To Walk The Walk In Our Everyday Lives According To Pema Ch Dr N, It Means Being Down To Earth, Genuine, And Perhaps Most Importantly, It Means Engaging In The Teachings In Order To Actively Confront Anything And Everything We Ve Heretofore Rejected In Our Attempts To Find Happiness Created To Help Us Respond With Compassion And Authenticity When Our Spiritual Ideals Are Put To The Test, Walking The Walk Brings You Four Inspirational Sessions With Pema Ch Dr N, As You Explore Stabilizing The Mind Awareness, Presence, And The Foundation Of The Spiritual Path Unconditional Friendship With Yourself Getting Unstuck From The Patterns That Create Our Own Misery Freedom From Fixed Mind How To Release Biases And Prejudices To Revitalize Your Everyday Experiences Taking Care Of One Another Essential Guidance In The Ability To Truly Be There For OthersThe Teachings In These Sessions Are Not About Perfection Or Unrealistic Standards Baby Steps Are Okay When Learning To Walk The Walk, Explains Pema No Matter The Situation You Find Yourself In, Here Is A Program For Remaining True To The Values We Seek To Live By, And Staying Open To The Kindness And Love That Is Always Available To Support Us.Course Objectives Discuss How The Practice Of Stabilizing The Mind, Through Awareness And Presence, Is The Foundation Of The Spiritual Path Define And Practice Unconditional Friendship With Yourself As A Way To Get Unstuck From The Patterns That Create Suffering, While Opening To The Kindness And Love That Is Always Available To Support Us Summarize How The Practice Of Freedom From Fixed Mind Invites You To Release Biases And Prejudices To Revitalize Your Everyday Experiences Discuss The Practice Of Taking Care Of One Another As Essential Guidance In The Ability To Truly Be There For Ourselves And Others She can tell a story I have already heard, and tell it very slowly, and still I am right there How does she do this Perhaps it is also very skillful editing In any case bravo Also, the way she responds to the questions is a lesson in respect she listens with grace and lets people be who they are. This was better than I was expecting.Usually these things don t work for me, but this one really did. a bee surprise visits I love how Pema goes straight to the point with a soft gentle voice I totally connect to her message. Easy presentation, open, inclusive and read and always charming. Obviously, I loved it Like always This was an audible that amounted to a recording of Pema speaking over several days to an audience This was truly enlightening and the experience of hearing it in her own words made it that way. This is a 3.5 for me How do we put into practice what we have learned While I love Pema and she makes for a GREAT running partner I didn t feel I got out of this book what the title promised Maybe also it was the fact that she stated she didn t specifically prepare this talk to match the title That they come up with the title a year in advance put me off It felt that way to me Great info found within but very basic mindfullness practice teachings Maybe that s the point But I was left a
I am convinced you can t go wrong with Pema Chodron, who can turn even an uninvited wasp into a teaching opportunity This makes a great mini retreat, regardless of whether or not you are a Buddhist or have ever been exposed to Buddhism. I have divided the book into 4 mini retreats of each 1 hour listenings to the audible version and I enjoyed every moment of it Whether the teachings are actually aligned with the title of the book or not, she still presents beautiful wisdom in a simple, relatable and funny, personal way.

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  • Audio CD
  • Walking the Walk
  • Pema Chödrön
  • 15 August 2017
  • 9781622033584