Death of a Grim Reaper

Death of a Grim Reaper In Death Of A Grim Reaper, Cornelius Hoyt Struggles To Harvest Souls Up And Down The East Coast Of 21st Century America, And Learns The True Meaning Of Deathand Life Once A Twenty Year Old Farmer From Colonial New England, Cornelius Comes To Doubt Whether The Deaths He Inflicts Actually Play A Vital Role In The Universe He Joins A Renegade Group, And Seeks Refuge In The Remote Russian Wilderness Meanwhile, A Diabolical Reaper Plots To Rule Death And Provokes An International Crisis To Devastate Humanity As Events Escalate, Cornelius Risks Capture To Help Save The Very Mortals He Was Trained To Reap, And Undergoes A Life Affirming Transformation A Brilliantly Imaginative View Of Mortality, Death Of A Grim Reaper Explores The Relationship Between The Dead And The Living. Death of a Grim Reaper is difficult to place in any one particular genre because it covers so much in its pages It s sort of science fiction, sort of dystopian, sort of friendship and sort of fantasy,too Follo
Unfortunately, I didn t really enjoy this book It had so much potential, but the world building was done all at once so it was really hard to grasp all the nuances of the Reaper world Additionally there were a lot of characters that all sounded the same to me I wasn t interested in any of them or about the main conflict Sometimes it felt like the character had these weird abrupt reactio
This is a quick read It is an unique novel about a Grim Reaper named Cornelius He has been dead for hundreds of years, but he recently became a Grim Reaper cadet a Grim Reaper in training But he discovers that his heart is not into the job, and he struggles with what he should do about it Meanwhile, another Grim Reaper develops a dastardly plot to try to destroy a lot of the human race and in doing so, make him a kind of King figure The book describes the Reapers as being like a big bureaucracy, and there are factions that want to keep doing things they way they have always been done and there is another faction that wants to change they system with the changing times Cornelius ends up getting drawn into this battle with the evil Grim Reaper and the fight amongst the factions He befriends another Grim Reaper, and he starts to discover
This is a light read even though it seems like it would be a heavy topic I found it rather absurd in some places, and a few parts didn t make sense add up to me Towards the end the chapters were one to two pages, and it made the conclusion feel abrupt.Only mild use of language and very light if any adult themes no sexual moments, just a joke about someone having penis breath , an observation of a female body by a male but nothing explicit I don t think I ll be reading it again, and frankly I m not sure I can say I even enjoyed this book I didn t really get anything out of it I was expecting something really mind blowing and exciting, with a dash of humor, but instead I found myse
I was happy to have won this book from GoodReads The premise and jacket cover synopsis was intriguing.Based on the jacket cover I kept waiting for the point that Cornelius would fight to save humanity I was a little preoccupied with when is it going to start all throughout the book.However, I was impressed with the author s creativity and imagination I prefer reading first time authors
I have received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads Death of A Grim Reaper is a very unique and thoughtful tale of a reaper named Cornelius Hoyt It wonderfully ties in with history and worldwide events to make the idea of grim reapers as terr
Really enjoyed this book Took me a little while to get into it but then really warmed to the story.

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