The Case of the Caretaker's Cat

The Case of the Caretaker's CatCAN A CAT BREAK A WILL Peter Laxter S Will Provides A Lifetime Job For Charles Ashton, His Faithful Caretaker Ashton Owns A Big Persian Cat Named Clinker When The Laxter Heirs Threaten To Poison His Cat, Ashton Seeks Perry Mason S Help Perry, Suspicious Of The Laxter Will After The Heirs Engage A Shyster Lawyer, Decides To Use Clinker To Break It When Ashton Is Found Murdered And His Sheets Covered With Tracks, Clinker Must Be Hidden A Cat Accused Of Murder Well, No But Clinker Does Play A Star Role In The Dramatic Courtroom Finish With The Help Of The Caretaker S Cat, Perry Mason Scores A Daring Last Minute Victory, Exposes A Shyster Lawyer, And Brings A Murderer To Justice. The plot twists for this mystery start appearing practically from the second page, so it is hard to describe the plot and make the description comprehensible and short at the same time I think the former would have to be sacrificed, sorry.A crippled man came to Perry Mason with an unusual problem He was a caretaker for a rich guy practically all of his life, so when his boss died his will stated that the heir should keep the caretaker at his job until he is unable to perform it we are talking about just living in a house not exactly a physically demanding job The heir is fine with the provision, but he strongly insists the caretaker s cat his only true friend has to go he even threatens to poison it in case the poor animal remains in the house So the caretaker want Mason to protect the cat I could not resist using an image of Grumpy Cat I love the guy And thus the famous lawyer has a cat for a client He took the case practically out of pity only to be mixed up in several murders, innocent but stupid, let me tell you people accused, and having to do his magic in the courtroom The plot twists keep on coming What is unusual about this case is the number of dead bodies a typical Mason
First published in 1935, this is a very early entry in the Perry Mason series, back in the day when there were still cuspidors in the courtroom and when both the police and the lawyers could still cut the kind of corners that would get them arrested, disbarred and jailed in this day and age.Perry is fresh off an exhausting murder case when Charles Ashton, a cantankerous, frail, elderly caretaker comes into the office and insists on seeing him Curious, Perry sees the man who wants him to defend his cat, Clinker Ashton s employer has recently died in a fire, but the employer s will provides that the caretaker has a job for life, looking after the place.The dead employer s grandchildren move into the home, but one of them hates the cat and insists that the caretaker get rid of it Otherwise, the snotty grandkid says he will poison it The will does not specify that the caretaker gets to keep the cat, who is, naturally, the caretaker s best friend in the world.Of course Perry will take the case of course, someone will soon be murdered of course the case will be convoluted beyond all belief of course Clinker the Cat will turn out to be the most important witness, and of course just when Perry s client seems headed for a certain date with
Best of the about eight Perry Mason murder mysteries I ve read so far 3.5 stars Listened to this one on Youtube most articulate, thus easy going for the non native speaker kudos to the reader. More Perry Good stuff but this one was a bit complicated and far fetched I still enjoyed it but this one 7 I m taking them in order and the furthest out so far. Rather convoluted, but still extremely readable and fun. One of the wilder rides in the Perry Mason oeuvre, and that s saying a lot There s a green Packard, a brand new Buick, a couple of cats, and waffles This book is so early in the series that in the last few pages it teases the next one
Peter Laxter s will guaranteed his caretaker a place to live for life but the nephew inheriting says the will doesn t cover the caretaker s cat which he wants evicted Perry Mason quickly finds out that than a cat is involved Vintage Gardner. Review to come Actually would be 3.5 stars if allowed that A fun read, but a bit too convoluted though the clues are there for the most part and littered with corpses even one which is exhumed.The writing has gotten a bit smoother, but still has clunkers like yet another woman Winifred, this time with blazing black eyes, a quick twist of Della s lithe body, and Mason speaking with a savage impatience This is a somewhat softer and caring Mason than in the earlier books, though the gruffnessand control freak qualities remain I was uncomfortable with his asking Della to fake a honeymoon, given the ambiguity of their relationship they hold hands twice in this story Still, sh
O Dr Mason resolve mais um caso, que tem um gato no meio da trama.