The Fading Place

The Fading Place Charlie Van Houten Is A Single Mother Running The Usual Weekend Errands With Her Beautiful Baby Girl Haley, Until A Delusional Gun Wielding Woman Named Simone Takes Them Hostage In Their Own Car As They Make Their Way To An Unknown Final Destination, And Simone S Paranoia Spirals Further Out Of Control, Charlie Must Stop A Different Kind Of Monster From Taking Away All That She Loves. 2.5 stars, rounded up.This was a hard book for me to rate, overall This emotionally driven novella showcases two mothers, and their attachment to Charlie s infant daughter The issues brought up were heart rending, to say the least However, I felt that the ending was predictable right from the beginning, and didn t really feel that sense of something different throughout.On a higher note, Mary SanGiovanni has a very good, fluid writing style The novella read smooth
This was a fun read, not an outstanding read, and certainly a happening that was suited to novella than story Charlie and her baby Hayley have been car kidnapped by the somewhat deranged Simone So we travel with them on a short journey and nervously await what outcome Simone has in store for the unfortunate two There is a incident just after the midway point that I question just where the author was going..A state trooper stops the car and perhaps this is the chance that Charlie has been waiting for..just before the state trooper leaves the following happens The baby uttered a few fussy cries and Charlie, through sense of maternal instinct, scooped the baby out of Simone s arms to soothe her Simone caught off guard, relinquished the baby with a small gape of the mouth and a half word that might have been hey.Instantly, she felt a surge of relief that Haley was safely away from traffic She felt fairly certain that Simone wouldn t do anything to create a scene or arouse suspicion For that moment, she and the baby were safeSo why did she not alert the polieman He was closeby and Simone would never shoot them in
The Fading Place is a well written psychological thriller by Mary SanGiovanni, Charlie Van Houten is a single mother with a young daughter, going about her normal business she is abducted by the mentally unstable Simone who has designs on forcibly taking her daughter The unpredictable Simone s history is alluded to throughout as Charlie thinks of a way out of this desperate situation as it all builds to a crescendo, someone is going to die and it may not be a happy ending.The story was enjoyable if a little predictable but what dragged proceeding s down for me was the glaring opportunity for escape when they are stopped by a law enforcement officer, Charlie s state of mind becomes irrationa
Charlie is running errands with her infant daughter when a stranger named Simone takes them hostage at gunpoint As Simone forces Charlie to drive her to an unknown destination, Charlie learns that Simone is mentally unbalanced and intends on taking everything from her This was tough to read as it hits on one of my largest fears you ll have to read it to find out While I do disagr
This was the second book by Mary I have read, the first was For Emmy The story starts when Charlene and her daughter Haley are abducted by this women Then the woman tells them to get in the car and drive Can t say a lot about the story without giving away too much The positive was, the story had a good flow to it and was well written The negative was, not a
This short novella has got to be every mother s nightmare Tightly paced, real time narrative of a kidnapping and its aftermath Kudos to SanGiovanni, whom I ve read before and found quite talented, for strong writing particularly some excellently phrased observations on t
The Fading Place was a recent offering from the Dark Fuse book club A novella written by Mary SanGiovanni The protagonist, Charlie, has parted from her husband of a few years She now has a baby to care for so moves to a town where she only knows people she works with Enter Simone to mess up her new life she has started with her baby.What will a mother do to protect her daughter, probably any thing Then again, what will she do to protect herself This book could be considered a study of self preservation of the female, especially the female with a child.There was one part of the story where I thought the protagonist was really stupid and not in keeping with her personality as I saw it I took one star away for this I m not sure why the author had Charlie do this, but she did Perhaps she wanted Charlie to attempt to save herself.The Fading Place was an interesting book and a quick read as it is a novella You do not know what the outc
A young woman leaves a Walmart with her new baby, is putting the baby into her car when she is approached by another woman, with a gun, who carjacks her with her baby Mary SanGiovanni creates this truly frightening situation in her book The Finding Place With heart pounding prose Ms SanGiovanni will show us the complex backgrounds of both these women intermingled with the non stop terror of being kidnapped at gun point The characters are not as black and white as one might imagine The sheer desperation of the mother to escape alive with her child is convincingly told with nail biting eloquence Though the kidnapper may at first appear in
They say never to get in the car with someone trying to abduct you Run for your life But what do they say to do when you re already in the car with armed and crazy And running at the earliest opportunity is pretty hard to do when your infant daughter is in the car, too.Charlie, a single mother, on the road with her infant daughter, Haley, just doing her usual errands around town A completely normal, random day That is until she meets Simone, an emotionally unstable woman who takes her hostage and forces her to drive to an unannounced location, all while Simone sits in the backseat with little Haley And if Charlie doesn t do as she s told, Simone promising to kill Haley, and Charlie is inclined to believe her because Simone shows an unnerving disregard for her own well being, along with that of Charlie and her daughter.There s nothing fancy about this novella It s just pure terror reflecting a parent s worst nightmare And Charlie is as much trapped in the maelstrom of potential outcomes whirling in her mind as she s trapped in the car with a madwoman And the further
Book review originally published here Fading Place was meh all around The premises is intriguing though Charlie, a single mother, steps into her car with her infant daughter Problem A madwoman with a gun is already in the car, planning to kidnap Charlie s daughter.What begins is the longest car drive Charlie s ever had Between worrying over her child and figuring out what to do with the woman holding a gun to her head, and trying to make it out alive, she has way too many issues to deal with all at once Then the woman, Simone, starts telling her about her life, and the depths of her insanity soon become clear Unfortunately a good premise doesn t always mean a good book This novella was a bit disappointing, because we never got too invested in the characters I wanted to feel for Charlie, worry about her little girl, even feel some connecti