How to Train the Quarterback

How to Train the Quarterback Any Coach At All Levels Of Competition Can Use This Book Without Too Much Study For Example, The Chapters Are Written To Cover Each Phase Of Offensive Football, Plus A Chapter On How To Teach Defense If The Coach Wants To Brush Up On The Strategy Of Calling On Each Down He Would Simply Refer To Chapter 14, Generalship Of Downs If The Head Coach So Desires, He May Assign His Quarterback To Read A Specific Chapter, As Chapter 12 On How To Use The Kicking Game Or Chapter 4 On The Seven Laws Of Generalship Then The Quarterback Can Be Tested Either Orally Or By Written Exams This Book Was Written For Both The Coach And The Field General.In This Book We Have Pulled Together Through Personal Experience And Research The Best Available Knowledge About Leadership, Teaching, Learning, And Generalship We Have Attempted To Use Such Knowledge As Guide Posts For The Coach In Training The Quarterback.No Claim Is Made By The Author As To Originality For Many Of The Ideas And Concepts Contained Within This Book Many Persons In Football Have Shared In Developing The Principles And Practices Represented Our Aim Is To Give Football Coaches At All Levels, Players, And Students Who Are Preparing For Coaching Careers A Fuller Understanding Of The Most Important Position On The Team The Quarterback.