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Brick Flicks It S Officialthere Is Absolutely No Limit To What Master Modeler Warren Els Can Create With LEGO Bricks He S Wowed Us With Architectural Icons From Around The Globe In Brick City He Amazed Us With The Wonders Of The Ancient, Natural, And Modern World In Brick Wonders And Now, Els Takes Us To The Movies In Brick Flicks, As He Recreates Iconic Scenes From The World S Most Famous Films Movie Fans And LEGO Lovers Alike Will Delight In Brick By Brick Recreations Of Scenes From Raiders Of The Lost ArkPlanet Of The ApesRockyGreaseKing KongLawrence Of Arabia, And Many, Many OthersChapters Are Organized By Movie Genre And Cover Action And Adventure, Science Fiction And Horror, Drama And Classics, As Well As Musicals And Comedy With Than 100 Gorgeous Full Color Photos Of His Creations, Els Provides Commentary On How They Were Made Along With Interesting Facts About The Movies Themselves Readers Will Also Enjoy Easy To Follow Instructions For Recreating Many Of The Iconic Scenes In Their Own Homes. Warren Els is a world renowned name when it comes to the LEGO community The UK based artist was a fan favorite online for than a decade before beginning a professional career working with the toys in 2012 His fame has grown with the publication of his first two books, Brick City and Brick Wonders, which both showcase his talent in building cities and structures of his own design, alongside world landmarks both ancient and modern His third book is this one, Brick Flicks 60 Iconic Movie Scenes and Posters to Make from LEGO The 2014 book is a natural fit there s a big geeky crossover between those of us who love LEGO and those of us who are movie buffs So I picked it up thinking it d be a home run I don t think it was that home run I was looking for, but there were a lot of good plays The movies are organized into four categories Sci Fi and Horror, Drama and Classics, Action and Adventure, and Comedy and Musicals Each movie gets at least a two page spread, with full color photos of a scene except for a few black and white movies, of course from the movie, sometimes a movie poster Th
Brick Flicks 60 Iconic Movie Scenes and Posters to Make from LegoWarren ElsIf you like to see creativity on display with LEGO, Brick Flicks 60 Iconic Movie Scenes and Posters to Make From LEGO by Warren Els is a treat I ve been friends with Warren and his wife Teresa for years, and I ve enjoyed watching them take their love of LEGO from a hobby to a business This book is one of the latest outcomes of that work, and it s a fascinating look at what can be done with LEGO.Brick Flicks takes 60 movie scenes and recreates them using regular LEGO pieces It covers a range of genres, such as sci fi and horror, drama and classics, action and adventure, and comedy and musicals Each scene has a write up about the movie and the LEGO recreation, along with in many cases the still image that the scene was created from Interspersed throughout the book are instructions on how to build some of the smaller props, such as Elliot s back from ET and the neuralizer from Men In Black To be clear, this does not come with instructions on how to build each scene That is something you d have to figure out on your own if you re so inclined.Two things stand out in Brick Flicks The first is the extreme creativity in what you can do with LEGO Warren and Ter
Edinburgh based artist Warren Els loved nothing better as a child than playing with Lego blocks.At 24, he rediscovered his fascination with them and began creating everything from models for the corporate world to mind blowing replicas of iconic buildings.This time he s taken the plunge into the cinema world, using the plastic bricks to recreate than 60 famous movie images, spanning action and adventure, comedy, sci fi, westerns and musicals.From Marty McFly in Back to the Future and Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz to Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever, Warren has immortalised some of cinema s most memorable characters.The book includes interesting facts about each movie an
It s cute I think Els did a great job on some of the recreations, using a lot of imagination and creativity to make these models For example, recreating the iconic image of King Kong atop the Empire State Building is outstanding, from the recreation of perspective in such a confined area, to using a funky mask for Kong Anyone looking at this model would know right away with the artist did On the flipsid
Review copy provided thanks to Allen and Unwin I was, to be honest, a bit disappointed with Brick Flicks I found a list of films that covered most of the best films lists and didn t indulge in very much diversity with the titles you d expect but not necessarily hope to see, and the Lego making, which is the reason I actually went into this, was a let down I am sure the images created would have taken hours, at a minimum, but I yearned for detail and individuality in each image, r
I found this a lacklustre Lego book The title is somewhat misleading in that the content focuses on custom minifigs, rather than Lego built scenes The compositions were basic and did not hold my attention To make matters worse, there is a lack of care in the presentation, with photos spr
Loved seeing classic movie scenes recreated with Legos There was a lot of trivia fun facts about each movie as well Who knew Frank Sinatra was considered to play John McClane in Die Hard WTF There is nothing here not to love Instructions for fashioning your childhood Legos into scenes of iconic movies Even if you don t actually own any Legos, this is a great book to rifle through, just for fun My favorites were Ben Hur and Saturday Night Fever. Quick read, like a picture book Has some instructions for a few of the things Minifigs are all custom so you re not going to find them in the Lego store to make yourself.

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