Kana and the Red Pilot

Kana and the Red Pilot When Something Crashes Through The Trees Behind The Old Farmhouse And Burns A Path To The Lake, Kana And His Cousin Davis Learn How Dangerous It Can Be To Unravel A Mystery Is It A Cruise Missile An Alien Space Ship Kana Is A City Kid Stuck In The Country For The Weekend Instead Of Skate Parks And Cell Service, There Are Cow Pies, Dead Chickens And A Big Dog Named Gloop Then There Is Mason, The Most Annoying Neighbor Kid In The Known Universe They Can See The Gleaming Silver Thing Floating Out In The Lake How Will They Retrieve It Without Mason Finding Out And What Will They Discover When They Finally Get It Open KANA AND THE RED PILOT by G.C McRae was given to me free of charge in a LibraryThing Giveaway It is geared towards a young adult audience.Kana s Mom gets sick and has to have an operation, so his parents send him to stay with his cousin, Davis, on the farm while she receives treatment Kana is a city boy who just wants to skateboard But, since there doesn t seem to be any concrete around for him to skate on, he resigns himself to a summer of boredom.This quickly proves not to be the case His adventure begins when his cousin s dog, Gloop, drags home the body of a huge, dead deer and things start to get very interesting and very strange.Davis Kana discover what appears to be a spaceship They hide their discovery from Kana s Aunt and Uncle, and the annoying neighbor kid named Mason Not knowing if it is a cruise missile, an experimental plane or if it is in fact a spaceship, the boys are both freaked out and excited Finding that the spaceship is occupied and filled with water, the boys try to save the pilot only to discover that they
The first of this book is highly entertaining and comes to a natural ending The rest of the book is still entertaining but left me confused YA sensitive to dead farm animals and mild swearing will not enjoy this but most would find parts hilarious and the overall premise engaging

[Ebook] Kana and the Red Pilot  By G.C. McRae – Rarefishingbooks.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 236 pages
  • Kana and the Red Pilot
  • G.C. McRae
  • 09 August 2017
  • 9780987684547