Fire and Soul

Fire and SoulAs Children, Temsha And His Twin Brother Were Kidnapped, Their Parents Murdered, And Forced To Become Sky Force Pilots For The Notorious Lord Jheghda Their Younger Brother Was Sold Off To Become An Anam, A Companion And Power Source For Pilots, And If They Are Lucky They Get To See Him Every Three Years.After He Nearly Kills Their Latest Anam, Temsha Is At His Limit He Is Tired Of Being A Slave, Tired Of Worrying Constantly About The Brother He Has Not Seen For Six Years, And Tired Of Burning Out Anams When They Are Assigned A New Anam, Temsha Tries To Resist Getting Close, Because One Loss Will Be The One That Breaks Him.WARNING While There Is No Incest, The Brothers Do Share A Lover The sci fi parts were good, but I really wish there had been a bit to the story, and the relationship didn t work for me, but I don t care for sharing relationships, in this case the two brothers sharing a mate lover but not being lovers I get that people are all weird about incest, but personally it was a little freakier to me having one brother touching and petting the other in a nonsexual way while the other brother was having sex with their mate lover Just a personal dislike there, I know t
I wish I would have got the chance to get to know the characters better before being thrown into the story Then I didn t even get to know what happened to them I was disappointed in the fact that it was like a excerpt from a bigger story line. This is well written but I felt as if I had been dropped in the middle of a story and then pulled out before it ended.