Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Modern Cinderella

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Modern Cinderella All We Need Is A Pumpkin, A Wand, And Six White Mice Sherlock Holmes, The World S Greatest Detective, Has Taken On Such Opponents As Dracula, Dr Fu Manchu, And Jack The Ripper Now Holmes Faces A Mystery That Even He Admits This Is Outside My Realm Dealing With Demon Hounds On The Moors Was One Thing, But To Take On A Fairy Godmother No Holmes And Watson Seek The Answer To The Question Of Who Is The Mysterious Masked Woman Who Charmed A Prince With Her Beauty, Wit, And Intelligence It S A Puzzle That The Duo Have Never Faced Before As They Seek To Unlock The Secrets Behind One Of England S Wealthiest Families The Story Of Cinderella, A Young Woman Who Rises Above Adversity To Find Happiness, Is One Of The Most Beloved In World Literature She Appears In Stories As Old As Ancient Egypt And The Incas, As Far Flung As Africa To Russia, As Mexico To China Now With Holmes And Watson There Is A New Spin On An Old Tale All Your Favorite Elements Are There The Prince, The Stepmother, The Masked Ball, But Things Do Not Turn Out As They Have In The Past Author Thomas Owen Has Been A Fan Of Sherlock Holmes As Long As He Can Remember From The Time He Watch Nigel Bruce And Basil Rathbone Bring Their Chemistry To The Screen Down To The Present Mr Owen Has An Extensive Collection Of Holmes Pastiches, But It Wasn T Until He Helped Edit Some Cinderella Stories For Publication That He Learned Of That Character S Literary Scope It Then Occurred To Him To Combine These Iconic Characters And Bring Them All Together In A Great Adventure So Join Holmes, Watson, And Lestrade As They Pursue This New Mystery Across London Enjoy The Story, Spread The News Of It, And Let Us Know What You Think Of It Thomas Owen On Facebook Email Writethomas Gmail