Its Never Easy (Serenity #3.6)

Its Never Easy (Serenity #3.6) Serenity Firefly Class 03 K64 It S Never Easy Is A Comic Book That Was Released By Dark Horse Comics On May 5, 2012 For Free Comic Book Day The Comic Was Written By Zack Whedon And Penciled By F Bio Moon It Was Released Alongside A Star Wars Story Also Written By Zack Whedon The Story Is Set When Zo Alleyne Washburne Was Pregnant, And Tells Of An Attempt To Steal The Serenity By A Prospective Passenger. The Firefly Serenity comic verse Serenity Those Left Behind Serenity, 1 Serenity Better Days Serenity, 2 Serenity The Other HalfSerenity Float OutSerenity DowntimeSerenity Better Days and Other StoriesSerenity The Shepherd s Tale Serenity, 3 Serenity It s Ne
I m only familiar with Fabio Moon s Daytripper but I d argue it s enough to see his mark here in this Firefly comic.The plot is quite straightforward and River saves the day yet again, so I d say go read this one if only to appreciate Fabio Moon s art. Graphics a bit on the goofy side tbh, lol, but the story is great Mal oh Mal He never changes, does he And he can thank River for being alive also I love these details of life at Serenity, I m really enjoying these This is another very short Serenity story that takes place sometime after the events of the movie A pregnant Zoe takes the crew to deliver their cargo while Mal watches the Serenity I m not entirely sure on how she won the argument that she got to make the delivery while pregnant butreasons Apparently it boiled down to Mal always getting into a gunfight.Of course things don t go as planned and someone ends up having to save Malcolm s ass It ended up being quite funny and I thoroughly enjo Thi
I started at the end of the series and I ll have to work my way back because this little comic book really met my need forFirefly in my life And like always, I still needIf you re a fan of Firefly and Serenity, then take a look Was awesome Love Serenity stories The art was mmm kinda crap actually XD but enjoyed the vignette short, sweet straight to the point Loved it But then I think most of the parts with quirky River in them are good She keeps you guessing at times. 2,5 Adds nothing to the series.