The Chinese Soup Kitchen E-Book Volume I

The Chinese Soup Kitchen E-Book Volume I The Chinese Soup Kitchen Cookbook Has Not Only Soups This Cookbook Has Over One Hundred Recipes That Are Regular Dishes Most Chinese Cook Books Don T Emphasize Soups My Favorite Part Of The Meal There Are Maybe 4 45 Recipes Of Soups In Most Cookbooks In Almost 5000 Years Of Chinese History I Want To Illuminate The Fact That The Chinese Have Perfected The Art Of Soup, Or The Art Of Soup Making Soups Have Been A Pleasant Delicacy Since Cooking Was Invented It Is Even So With Chinese Cooking The Nutritional Value And Flavor Have Been Renowned Throughout The Ages It Is Not Just A Pre Cursor To The Main Meal It Wets Your Appetite For The Main Dish And Enhances Digestion It Can Be A Meal In Itself, As You Shall See There Are Up To And Over 300 Kinds Of Soups In China Some Of Which Claim To Have Medicinal Purposes This Comes From Folklore And Myth Before Modern Medicine Happened, And Even Still Today Chinese People Used Herbs From Vegetables Roots, Tree Bark And The Like To Cook Soup To Heal All Their Ills These Cure Alls Are Listed As Notes In Every Applicable Recipe Some Of The Soups Take 2 Or Hours To Cook As An Alternative A Slow Cooker Can Be Used And Annotated As An Option In The Recipes All The Recipes Are Exotic, Hearty, Wholesome And Authentic The Chinese Soup Kitchen Is A Book For The Ages Here Are Over Sixty Or So Soups With Variations.