The Deleuze Dictionary

The Deleuze DictionaryThis Is The First And Only Dictionary Dedicated To The Work Of Gilles Deleuze It Provides An In Depth And Lucid Introduction To One Of The Most Influential Figures In Continental Philosophy It Defines And Contextualises Than 150 Terms That Relate To Deleuze S Philosophy And Explains The Main Intellectual Influences On Deleuze As Well As The Influence Deleuze Has Had On Subjects Such As Feminism, Cinema, Postcolonial Theory, Geography And Cultural Studies In This Revised Edition, There Are Expanded Entries On Architecture, Cinema And Psychoanalysis Key Areas Where Interest In Deleuze Has Grown In Recent Years. Helpful for novices trying to get a basic grasp of just what the hell a body without organs is, and generally a decent reference source, but in no way exhaustive of the Deleuzian lexicon. The sections on terminology from Deleuze I haven t yet read the Cinema books, The Logic of Sense, most of his philosopher studies, particularly the one on Foucault were really interesting and made me want to pick up those books, but too many disparate concepts get reduced to the same handful of values creativity, life , active force, affirmation so that Deleuze comes off sounding like a happy go lucky schmuc
Very Helpful I use it all the time Definitely a go to guide for any budding Deleuzian. Very helpful in understanding Deleuzian concepts.