Authentic Cajun Cookbook

Authentic Cajun Cookbook From The Bayous Of South Louisiana, Cajun People Have Devised A Unique Way Of Cooking That Also Reflects A Unique History And Lifestyle Most People Would Agree That Home Cooking Usually Beats Restaurant Fare Any Day And Cajun Home Cooking Is Unsurpassed In Flavor And Comfort As Cajun Became Well Known And Moved Into The Trendy Category, Restaurants Across The Country Started Offering A Cajun Twist On Menu Items It Was A Nice Attempt At Introducing Cajun Cooking To The Whole Country, Unfortunately Many Attempts To Cajun A Dish Simply Meant Adding Hot Sauce Cajun Is Much Than Spice, But Rather A Unique Approach To Food Of Which Knowledge Has Been Passed Down From Generation To Generation This Cookbook Provides Easy, Everyday Recipes Handed Down From Cajun Moms To Cajun Daughters To Ensure The Tradition Of Cajun Continues In Its Truest Form The Book Includes Recipes For Roux Soups And Stews Meats Seafood Vegetables And Casseroles Desserts The Recipes Are Easy To Cook And The Ingredients Are Easy To Find In Any Grocery Store. Not bad, but I m not sure what s Cajun about it But the recipes are good.