The Janus Legacy

The Janus Legacy Jeremy Magnusson S Life Changes Forever When His Estranged Father, The Renowned Physician Ivan Magnusson, Is Unexpectedly Killed In A Plane Crash Recently Dumped By His Girlfriend And Suffering From A Serious, Likely Fatal Disease, Jeremy Faces A Choice Take Over SomaGene, Ivan S Highly Successful Custom Organ Cultivation And Transplant Operation, And Inherit All His Wealth Or Turn The Job Down And Inherit Nothing Only Later, Once He S Assumed The Position, Does Jeremy Realize His Father Left Him Than The Company He S Left Jeremy A Special Gift A Gift With The Power To Bring Him Everything He Wants In Life, But One That Comes At A Horrible Cost, With Repercussions And Consequences He Could Never Imagine, And That Could Very Well Change Not Only His Life, But The Lives And Deaths Of Millions Across The Globe THE JANUS LEGACY Is It A Gift Or A Curse Does It Bring Life Or Death Is It A Miraculous New Beginning For The Human Race Or A Step Closer To The End Of Everything Some Doors Should Never Be Opened The book started in a simple manner with a direct plot but began to quickly become complex Although there were not a ton of characters, the ones that were here were interesting They were a bit stock and predictable, but the story was strong enough to carry the book There are books that work simply due to the characters in them that I find interesting and begin to care about This is one of those books that work because the ideas are interesting and the writing solid and reliable.This novel reads like sci fi than horror and is interesting from a moral dilemma perspective It explores various current themes in scientific ethics and presents the reader with a somewhat brutal version of cloning, almost from a victim persp
4.5 Can t remember ever reading a book so quickly and being immersed so totally in something that when I look back, I wouldn t normally even consider reading Testament to an extremely well written and superbly paced story that opens all sorts of questions about morality and integrity Jeremy has Crohn s disease, it killed his mother and was behind the reason he was estranged from his father since her death Tragedy strikes again when his father is killed in a plane crash and Jeremy inherits his father s company SomaGene, discovering along the way that his father has left him a somewhat poisoned chalice of a gift that could save his life.The Janus Legacy is a pretty radical medical thriller exploring concepts that are I guess not too far away in the f
Lisa von Biela has written a fast moving story that absolutely consumed my attention from the very beginning The concept of genetic engineering that she brings up is controversial, to say the least When Jeremy suddenly finds himself left with his father s cutting edge company after the father s untimely death , he gets much than he expected to While Jeremy s conscience and deteriorating body rage thei
Jeremy Magnusson inherits the cutting edge company SomaGene after his estranged father does in an accident Although he takes control of the company with some trepidation, it isn t until his Crohn s disease flares up that he finds out about a secret cure that his father was working on for him Unfortunately for Jeremy, it comes with a slew of moral dilemmas for him I don t want to give away too much of the plot so you ll need to read the book for yourself I love medical thrillers so I was extremely excited to read this one and it didn t disappoint Before reading this novel, I had never gave much thought to the subject of cloning, animals or people As I read through it, I found myself connecting and with The Subject and felt for him I loved how Lisa introduced feelings into a clone and subtly pointed out that they can extremely similar to their natural counterparts It certainly made me think twice about the ethics of cloning no matter what the goal
This is the story of Jeremy He has inherited his fathers custom organ regeneration and transplant company after he is killed in a tragic air accident Recently split from his girlfriend and suffering a debilitating and possible fatal disease he has nothing to lose SomaGene is not all it seems though Behind the scenes, Jeremy s father has been pushing the boundaries of ethics and creating a much darker project One that will have lifelong repercussions for Jeremy.I was glued to the page from the beginning of this book I read Lisa s debut novel and this was a fantastic follow up I am quite a fan of medical thrillers, and I like the idea that sometime in the future, the main focus of SomaGene could become the norm The story itself started one way and then careened off another way and its conclusion was heart stopping The pace was relentless and the characters well
I m not a big fan of medical thrillers, but I did enjoy reading The Janus Legacy The story was well written and had a good flow to it This was the first book by Lisa I have read and will be reading her other book The Genesis Code soon The story is centered around Jeremy Magnusson and him taking over SomaGene after his father dies in a plane crash Soon after taking over the company he finds out that his father was working on a way to try and fix his Crohn s disease Then one day his Crohn s get so bad that they have to use the experimental procedure that his father was working on
I am generally a fan of both science fiction and medical fiction and have spent time reading up on the ethics and science of cloning, so the idea behind this book is something I was into While the angle von Biela takes is interesting the execution of this book falls short Taking the idea of human cloning, which has been explored by authors before, and giving the main character a motive to push for it yet a personality that fights against it was an interesting angle This dichotomy in Jeremy s motivation allowed for a lot of potential with real possibilities for both external conflicts with the other scientists as well as interesting internal conflicts.The book is generally well written and concise While there are a few moments where the story slows down overall the pacing is even enough that the book doesn t feel like a slog The technical information behind how the cloning and transplants are done is clear enough to not be confusing, which is not always the case when dealing with medical based fiction.The real problem with The Janus Legacy is the characters They are all wooden, unlikable, not very believable or some combination of the three While you start off feeling sympathy to Jeremy he is generally pretty unlikable While that in of itself isn t a deal breaker, this doesn t come off in an anti hero kind of unlikability but rather as a combination of whine
This book surprised me, having read The Genesis Code and thoroughly enjoyed I expected to find similar satisfaction in this latest offering from Lisa von Biela It s not a bad book but the subject matter the illegal harvesting use of human parts has been done much better in the past Two good examples being the somewhat dated Coma by Robin Cook and the recent Harvest by Tess Gerritsen The storyline in The Janus Legacy is different from these two predecessors but the central issue of transplant and the associated ethics remains The story revolves around Jeremy Magnusson, crohn s disease sufferer, and the vast wealth he inherits from his father Ivan on his unexpected death However as part of his inheritance Jeremy must endeavor to continue with his father s experiments into this dreaded disease even though he may dispute the methods used, and perhaps by continuing his fathers work he may find a cure Although Jeremy has my sympathy most of the supporting characters were bland and tedious in the extreme his ex partner Amanda decides to leave the pompous Rick and return to Jeremy, Tim very dim and Glen self absorbed egotist two supporting surgeons at the SomaGene institute and the rather pathetic fi
Book Review originally published here Janus Legacy is an interesting story focusing on Jeremy Magnusson He faces an impossible choice, after his estranged father, a renowned and wealthy physician, is killed in a plane crash He can take over SomaGene, his deceased father s successful custom organ cultivation and transplant operation, and inherit all his wealth Or he can turn the job, and get nothing But a shaky inheritance isn t the only thing bothering Jeremy He suffers from a serious, likely fatal disease, and his girlfriend just dumped him.As if life couldn t get any bleaker, Jeremy begins to realize his father left him than just the company He s received a special gift, with the power to bring him everything he wants in life, but at an enormous cost.At the heart of this book, it centers on an ethical question the good of the patient vs the suffering of the donor The story reads like science fiction, but the issue at hand is very contemporary Docto
I m not one to go for the medical thriller types, but found myself pulled in just the same The story takes on some pretty heavy subject matter and ethical questions regarding human organ cloning and how far one may go if given the opportunity, but with the sparse number of characters and minimalist setting it may have been effective as a novella