Adoption Reunion in the Social Media Age, An Anthology

Adoption Reunion in the Social Media Age, An AnthologyThis Anthology Gives Voice To The Wide Experiences Of Adoptees And Those Who Love Them Examining The Emotional, Psychological And Logistical Effects Of Adoption Reunion Primarily Adult Adoptee Voices, We Also Hear From Adoptive Parents, First Moms And Mental Health Professionals, All Weighing In On Their Experience With Reunion The Stories Run The Gamut, And Even Non Adopted People Will Find Something In Here To Which They Can Relate The Memories Of Adoption Reunion In This Anthology Are Joyous And Regretful Nostalgic And Fresh Angry And Accepting They Show Pain, But They Also Tell Of Resilience And Strength In The Face Of Incredible Loss In Short, The Essays Of This Anthology Relate The Human Experience Raw, Resilient, And Most Of All Real. As an adoptee who searched for and found my first families, this is a subject that s near and dear Laura Dennis has reached out and contacted many of the people who are actively writing and blogging about this topic As a result, this anthology contains the very latest thinking, tips, and techniques for adoptees searching for their roots.A pioneer in the application of DNA testing to adoption searc
Full disclosure I contributed to this new book I am an adoptee who made the journey back to my first family and I share the personal details of my reunion.I am thrilled to see Laura s anthology hit bookstores and ebook readers The topic of Adoption Reunion is very complicated, knowing millions of adoptions took place in this past century Today, millions of adopted children are now adults with the need to know how to navigate this journey, to find relatives, ancestry, ethnicity, answersHow others successfully find and reunite with their natural families is hardly written aboutThe essays in this new book are REAL and as important and as varied as the subject of adoption reunion.If you plan to adopt, I only ask that you read this book and make an informed decision If you are a birthparent, read this book If you a
Will be never fully knowA though I understand reunion I will never know what it feels like because I m not an adoptee I am the mother of an adopted child. Adoption Reunion in the Social Media AgeAdoption Reunion in the Social Media Age, edited by Laura Dennis, is an a eclectic collection of reflections and insights by adopted adults and others affected by adoption Practices in adoption are changing, hopefully , and so are the ways in which adopted folks contact and communicate with potential family members and others serving as leads and search angels for pursuing their original identities Regardless of which era an adoptee comes from, many issues and feelings are universal, and this book adresses these issues effectively the need to know, the sense that there s something to our assigned story and a pervasive desire to learn about the truth of how we came to be in this world Most adoptees wish to contact their birth family members, and, similar to that sensation you experience when nearing the front of the line of the hugest roller coaster you ll ever ride, there s both dread of rejection but also the anticipation of possibilities and enlightenment.Not every adopted person family member has a sunny, perfect outcome once they acquire their documents or make their first contacts with long lost relatives, but what remains the same is that in eac

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  • Adoption Reunion in the Social Media Age, An Anthology
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  • 15 July 2018
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