Darling Beast

Darling BeastA MAN CONDEMNED.Falsely Accused Of Murder And Mute From A Near Fatal Beating, Apollo Greaves, Viscount Kilbourne Has Escaped From Bedlam With The Crown S Soldiers At His Heels, He Finds Refuge In The Ruins Of A Pleasure Garden, Toiling As A Simple Gardener But When A Vivacious Young Woman Moves In, He S Quickly Driven To Distraction A DESPERATE WOMAN.London S Premier Actress, Lily Stump, Is Down On Her Luck When She S Forced To Move Into A Scorched Theatre With Her Maid And Small Son But She And Her Tiny Family Aren T The Only Inhabitants A Silent, Hulking Beast Of A Man Also Calls The Charred Ruins Home Yet When She Catches Him Reading Her Plays, Lily Realizes There S To This Man Than Meets The Eye.OUT OF ASH, DESIRE FLARESThough Scorching Passion Draws Them Together, Apollo Knows That Lily Is Keeping Secrets When His Past Catches Up With Him, He S Forced To Make A Choice His Love For Lily Or The Explosive Truth That Will Set Him Free. Well, I ve just met the fictional man that I will be leaving my husband for Hey, we ve had 23 years of marriage It was a good run Time to move on This guy is awesome He s conniving, funny, egotistical, completely overdressed, and beautiful I really need him in my life.Oh, he s not the main character in this book No, he s a side character But, the main guy is so damn boring that I had to look elsewhere for my thrills Note to hubby take heed of these words I ve heard your dad jokes for 23 years nowSo, the main story was fine enough He s a gentle giant with a horribly abused past, she s poor and has a child to take care of. yada yada yada they fall in love They were perfectly nice people. yawn I liked the little boy, the dog, and several other side characte
4 A buddy read with my Romantic friends the MacHalo Freaks Another lovely addition to the series We are already at book 7 and get to follow up with Apollo, the escaped inmate from Bedlam psychiatric hospital, where he was tortured and severely mistreated by the guards, to the point of crushing his oesophagus and rendering him with no voice He is in hiding and is staying at the ruins of an old theater, spending his waking hours gardening and creating a fresh start for the pleasure garden and maze It just so happened that a young and very beautiful actress also occupied part of the theater, together with her maid, a young son and a very spirited puppy I fell completely in love with the last two the boy was charming and so well written, it was a pleasure to read about him As in every Historical Romance, the two very mismatche
you are my light and my laughter, and if you would let me, I would spend the rest of my life protecting you from everything that is ugly Beautiful Very, very beautiful.Darling Beast took me by surprise Just when I thought Elizabeth Hoyt couldn t amaze me with her works, she proved me wrong Honestly, I don t know where to start or what to write because this book was virtually perfect in every way I can t even put into words how wonderful it was Oh, I really loved it The seventh installment in Maiden Lane series is the story of Viscount Kilbourne, Apollo Greaves, a very big man who thought himself a great ugly lump, and Lily Stump, a famous and beautiful actressVery Beauty and the Beast After escaping from Bedlam where Apollo was committed for insanely murdering three of his friends, he d lived rough and worked hard in the ruined garden for nine months Until one day his friend, the owner of this place, gave Lily permission to live in the old theater When she first met him, with his very huge shoulders, a shaggy head, and a wickedly sharp knife in his hand, he scared the life out of her.At first, both Apollo and Lily weren t att
Another great read in the Maiden Lane series In this 7 th installment, it took me a bit to warm up to the heroine Lily I did eventually though, and of course I fell for the hero right off the bat This series con
What a wonderful series this is Apollo and Lily s story was sweet and tender Just as I expected it to be Apollo deserved someone in his life that would see beyond the beast that others had shaped him to b
31 March 2015Yea and yippee Darling Beast is a 2015 RITA nominee I hope so much that Elizabeth Hoyt wins, not only for writing a great book, but also for seamlessly taking her successful Maiden Lane series in a different direction 13 October 2014You might think that an author would begin to run out of ideas when she reaches the seventh volume in a series In Elizabeth s Hoyt s case, however, you would be wrong In Darling Beast she takes the Maiden Lane series into a new neighborhood with new characters while at the same time tying the story in with the earlier books In Duke of Midnight, Apollo Greaves escaped from his wrongful incarceration in Bedlam, with the help of his sister Artemis and his new brother in law, the Duke of Wakefield Now he is living in a shed on the grounds of Harte s Folly, a pleasure garden and theater that was nearly destroyed by fire Mr Harte is helping Apollo hide while Apollo is designing and building a new garden.Lily Stump moves into the few habitable rooms left in the theater with her seven year old son, Indio, and nursemaid, Maude Lily is a well known actress but since she is under contract to Harte and since he has no theater in which she can perform, she is short on funds When Indio, tells her that there is a monster living in the gardens, she laughs it off until one day she sees the monster for herself as he emerges unclothed from a pool Lily is immediately suspicious of
I love Elizabeth Hoyt s Maiden Lane series and was over the moon when she announced that she had signed a contract for a further three books In this series, she always creates dark, edgy stories compelling, unique characters sensual romance and smouldering love scenes This is the seventh book in the series and continues the story of Apollo Greaves, Viscount Kilbourne who was introduced in the previous book, DUKE OF MIDNIGHT At first what she saw looked like an enormous, moving, mud covered mound, and then it straightened, revealing an endlessly broad back, huge shoulders and shaggy head. From his first appearance, it s obvious Apollo is not going to be your stereotypical hero I adore those arrogant, handsome rakes but there was something very appealing about this gentle giant of a man, especially knowing how much he had suffered during his four years incarcerated in Bedlam for a crime he did not commit After the brutal, inhuman treatment he suffered, it was hard to imagine that he could have retained even an ounce of humanity but he did His kindness and compassion is so clearly rev
This was a good book Not a wow me book, but solid.I like the strong, silent very manly man hero, and Apollo is definitely that Literally, for a good chunk of the book.I like that he s not supposed to be good looking, but there s this animal m
so I just didn t care The book was entertaining, engaging enough, and I didn t care Something felt off To be honest, it s probably me, but may have been the pacing a bit too It was fine I m fine I need a book that clicks with me. 3.5 starsLily Stump or better known as Robin Goodfellow is an actress currently without a stage Lily, along with her son and friend Maude are currently living in a badly fire damaged theatre while gardeners see to replanting and shaping up the also damaged pleasure gardens Until the theatre is repaired Lily is making money by writing plays and having her brother sell them Lily s life is not grand but her son Indio certainly makes it entertaining and one way Indio decides to shake things up is to befriend a Beast in the gardens, except the Beast turns out to be the mute head gardener who is really Viscount Apollo Kilbourne on the run from the King s guards as a convicted murder and escapee from Bedlam Lily and Apollo have many reasons to keep their secrets well hidden but trusting each other might be the key to their survival.Darling Beast is the seventh book in the Maiden Lane series but I do think it is perfectly fine to read as a standalone, I never felt lost or confused However, while I didn t feel lost I did feel like I was missing the big payoff, as if Apollo was a character readers of the previous book had gotten to know and this was the deeply emotional happily ever after they had been waiting for The first 40% was a bit slow moving for me, nothing externally is really happen