Into the Forest

Into the ForestOne Night A Boy Is Woken By A Terrible Sound A Storm Is Breaking, Lightning Flashing Across The Sky In The Morning Dad Is Gone And Mum Doesn T Seem To Know When He Ll Be Back The Next Day Mum Asks Her Son To Take A Cake To His Sick Grandma Don T Go Into The Forest, She Warns Go The Long Way Round Ages 6. Well, ok, I watched it being read aloud on youtube The reader did a good job of making the boy s quest echo his anxieties but without making the listener feel terribly creeped out Definitely for children old enough to know the original tales Remember, it s the grandmother who planted the stories in the boy s imagination Browne s art, as usual, is amazing For example, the use of black white sometimes, color others, is ak
As with most of Browne s work, there is an obscurity to this story which allows for a multitude of meaning making, which I LOVE After finding out that his father has left home, and that his mother is uncertain of his return, a young boy embarks upon a forbidden journey to his grandmother s house Without ruining the story, this venture is fraught with anxieties, and the reader is left with an uncertainty as to his motivations and discoveries a
En el Bosque es el segundo libro lbum que he le do de Anthony Browne, y al igual que con Voces en el Bosque , me asombra la cantidad de detalles en sus libros El texto es m nimo y simple, ya que son los elementos gr ficos los que se llevan el gran peso de la historia.Me gust el tono t trico del libro, recrea de una manera totalmente difer
This is a beautifully illustrated book about a young boy who wakes up one morning to find that his Dad is nowhere to be seen He asks his mother but she doesn t seem to know either which increases the distress of the boy Mum then asks him to take some cake to Grandma who is sick The boy obliges but on his way to Grandma s takes a shortcut through the forest, despite Mum s warning not to In the forest the boy meets several characters from other children s fairytales and describes clearly how he felt at bumping into such random characters on his way to Grandma s The book conveys the genuine worry that the young boy felt when he didn t know where is father had gone The illustrations demonstrate the fear and apprehension that the boy felt when he was alone in the woods with all of these characters from well known fairytales The darkness of the black and white pictures shows the woods to be quite mysterious and scary while the brightness of the colour used in the pictures of the boy clearly contrast this Suspense is created from the outset when we are wondering where Dad has gone and is built up again once the boy enters the forest The reader is wondering whether or not he will make it safely to Grandma s house.I think the illustrations in this book would stand out to children the most They could look for the hidden pictures depicting scenes
A breath taking picture book It starts with the father leaving home, goes deep into the forest with the boy s mixed feelings and ends up by the boy taking his father back where he belongs Going into the forest the non real world ,as the only colored object, shows us the boy s inside tormoile finding a
Solicit este libro en la biblioteca para practicar mi pronunciaci n del ingl s, as que esperaba encontrarme con una historia s per tierna y liviana, pero no, la historia es perturbadora, en serio qu onda Las ilustraciones, la abuela, el Pap qu hac a con ella Asombrada Summary Although the text in Into the Forest is minimal and somewhat simple, the book is intended for readers in grades 2 5 This story is based on the traditional Little Red Riding Hood story It begins with a young boy who wakes up during a terrible thunderstorm When he gets up he and his mother sit silently at the breakfast table wondering where his dad could be because he never came home Then his mother asked the boy to go visit his grandma because she wasn t feeling well Much like the traditional story his mother sent him with a basket and told him to go to his grandma s but advised him not to go into the forest The boy didn t listen and walked through the forest and ran into very strange people The deeper he walked into the forest the colder it was, and he wished he had brought a coat All of a sudden, a red hooded coat appeared hanging in a tree He finally came upon his Grandma s house and realized that it didn t sound like his grandma, but it was Then he heard another sound behind him and it was his dad After their visit the boy and his dad went home to see his mom.Response Such an interesting bookI actu
At the beginning of the story a boy discovers that his father is gone It is a sad, disturbing story which highlights children s worries and anxieties The boy s Mum asks him to take a cake to his Grandma s house He decided to take the shorter route through the forest where he meeets characters that represent Hansel and Gretel, Jack, Goldilocks while the boy himself is playing the role of red riding hood ALthough the illustrations would be quite scary to young children, they are very creative and engaging which may be suitable for KS1 It can introduce the idea that a story can have than one meaning and how to read between the lines The art work respresents the mood of the book which could be used to discuss in an art lesson on how different colours convey different moods black grey dull scary sad as the illustrations turn the mood around at the end of the story wit
This is a beautiful book It took me a little while before I realised that there were many little references to be found in the drawings The story is also really good because, as an adult with a lot of common knowledge about the way that fairytales usua
A great variation of Little Red Ridinghood.

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