Live At the Brixton Academy

Live At the Brixton Academy In 1982, Aged Twenty Three, Simon Parkes Paid 1 For A Virtually Derelict Building In Brixton Over The Next Fifteen Years He Turned It Into Britain S Most Iconic Music Venue And Now He S Telling His Story Full Of Fond And Wild Reminiscences Of The Famous Musicians Who Played At The Venue, Including Robert Plant And Jimmy Page, Lou Reed, The Ramones, New Order, The Beastie Boys And The Smiths.This Is About One Man S Burning Desire For Success Against The Odds, His Passion For Live Music And The Excitement Of Those Wilderness Years, A Far Cry From The Corporate World That Controls The Scene Today From Rock Star Debauchery And Mixing It Up With Brixton Gangsters To Putting On The First Legal Raves In The UK And Countless Backroom Business Deals, This Is The Story Of How To Succeed In Business With No Experience And Fulfil Your Teenage Fantasies. The Brixton Academy is a place of legend From one of my forays to a sweaty London gig as a teenager to see Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine in 1991 to finding myself living 5 minutes down the road 10 years later I ve spent sweaty nights there than I care to remember.So this book promised much, and delivered on all scores This incredible account by the unique character behind it who went to school with Prince Andrew and then took on the Brixton yardies with only one arm tells the inside story of how he turned a disused chair store into the hippest venue in London, and hung out with everyone from The Clash to Public Enemy, Grace Jones, Bono, Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton in the process But it s the small names, the unsung hero
An entertaining and informative memoir from the former owner of one of Britain s most important and influential music venues There s a lot about the music biz both the legit and the sleazy sides of it but there s also a lot about the neighborhood, the primarily West Indian suburb of southern London. I did enjoy this as a lifelong Brixton dweller and having grown up with the academy during this period I went to a few gigs mentioned and love the venue A very personal.account which is great to have an insight into But, the writing isn t all that and it definitely could have bee
Brilliantly written, witty and nostalgic A must for anyone who knows Brixton or grew up in the Academy. Excellent Such an interesting read Thanks for creating what you did and then informing us all about it some brilliant stories I received this book as a Xmas gift and read it in two sittings It is a thoroughly enjoyable gallop through the history of the iconic and my favourite London venue.Simon Parkes, a Gordonstoun educated son of a Northern fishing magnate, fell in love with the venue s dilapidated elegance of that art deco He tells how he bought the old Brixton Astoria s lease from a top brewer company for merely a quid in return for a deal on Watneys beer concessions and hired a bunch of South London roughnecks to clean up the place and provide the necessary security The book is a trove of lively stories about how he then built up the Academy brand, first through Jamaican reggae gigs and post punk New Wave and, later on, rap, dance rave and Britpop Throughout the 80s he contended with drug pushers, Brixton gangsters, Jamaican Yardies , and the cut throat world of live music promotion in London.There is some interesting history about the old theatre at the start of the book When it was built in 1929 the original theme of the Astoria was the Mediterranean Night The proscenium arch was modelled after the Rialto bridge in Venice and the ceiling in the auditorium was decor
Am a little lost for words when it comes to describing this book.Firstly, Mr Parkes should be dead One gets the impression he got close to being murdered on than one occasion If there was ever a case for divine intervention, it is within the pages of this book Not just in matters of life and death The universe and, unwittingly, Parkes giving Lloyds Bank a lesson in justice is priceless.It is a wonderful insight into the music industry, as it was in the mid 1980 s through the 90 s A lesson in cultural changes between now and then for those that are too young to have lived through and experienced those changes.What else Brixton, of course Parkes bought this venue as Brixton was displaying bleeding wounds from the 80 s riots Of course, the most logical place to build a rock venue from scratch No one else would have done it No one else could have succeeded.On one level, it is a story of a nut job successfully doing something that shouldn t have been possible, with zero experience in the industry at the outset On a deeper level, it is story of someone who was born to do som
I don t completely understand all the 5 reviews for this on , as actually the writing in this book is pretty pedestrian, and I was expecting juicy rock n roll stories from a book like this All I can think is that all the Simon Parkes fanboys who don t normally read books loved it Simon Parkes is definitely a bit of a character, but I got a bit fed up of his whole Me, I m just a geezer schtick pretty early on Also the blurb is misleading although he may have bought the Brixty Academy for the ludicrous sum of a pound, it neglects to mention he then had to pay a 6 figure sum for rental and use of the building so this was only really possible because he came from a very wealthy and privileged background where the banks would lend a young twenty something with no experience that kind of money There s a lot of repetitive encounters with various shady thugs or Rastafarians who threatens to kill him in Brixton, and with each encounter, Simon miraculously escapes by simply turning on the polite posh boy Tim nice but Dim act, which confuses the hell out of the baddy, allowing him to talk circles around them Hmm What I did enjoy was reading about how Brixton Acad
Anyone who has ever been to London s best venue for gigs, the Brixton Academy in London, and has fallen in love with the basic simplicity and beautiful architecture and history of the venue will realise that a book from the man who took this dilapidated cinema at a cost of a POUND and made it into the most important live music venue in the city, if not the country will be essential reading From incredible first and last gigs of legendary bands, the Brixton has hosted them all and every appearance has a shocking and intriguing story behind it, it seems Simon Parkes started the venue from nothing and ended up putting on The Clash, The Stones, and hundreds of other classic moments in music history, including how the death of Kurt Cobain nearly bankrupted him and how he got out of it is worth the price of he book alone Fans of all genres of music will love this book Fans of the underworld and true crime will love this book too This appealed to myself pe
The 80 s music scene, the Brixton academy How a man bought a boarded up, run down venue in a part of London with a notorious reputation.Then over the next fifteen years he turned the place into Britain s most iconic venue.Behind the scenes of running the place, with security personal, the local police, the street gan

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