Boo To Billable Hours

Boo To Billable Hours The Billable Hour Dominates The Legal Profession, But Is Eating Away At Its Soul It Chills The Attorney Client Relationship It Penalizes Efficient Lawyers, While Rewarding Plodding Ones It Leads To Arbitrary, Irrational, And Suspect Results, In Which Time Is Distorted And Sometimes Invented It Disconnects The Amount That Is Charged From The Value Delivered And It Fails To Produce What It Promises, Transparency Its Effects Are All The Worse In Law Firm Pyramids That Impose Excessive Billing Requirements This Straight Talking Book Critically Dissects The Practice Of Billing By The Hour In The Practice Of Law, Examining How Time Is Actually Recorded In A Variety Of Contexts That Raise Ethical As Well As Practical Concerns It Also Tracks The History Of The Billable Hour, Showing How We Got To Where We Are Today The Book Is Not All About Criticism, However It Also Advocates Alternatives That Shift The Focus Away From Time Expended And Onto Value Delivered.