Return of Old Maine Woman

Return of Old Maine Woman The Old Maine Woman Returns With Her Customary Combination Of Sass, Insight, And Nostalgia In A Host Of New Essays That Shed Their Own Particular Light On The Quandaries Of Being Female, Growing Up, Getting Married, And Getting Older As A Woman In The Northern Parts Of The State The Twinkling Eyes Of Glenna Johnson Smith Don T Miss Much, A Skill That Served Her Well When She Was A Seventh And Eighth Grade Teacher, And Also Allow Her To Capture The Deeper Meaning Beneath Life S Seemingly Mundane Moments Filled With Grace, Humor, And Fortitude, Return Of Old Maine Woman Will Captivate The Reader With Its Straightforward Observations And Heartwarming Outlook For Anyone Who Has Longed To Hear The Insight Of A Relative Who Has Seen Something Of This Life, Return Of Old Maine Woman Will Fill That Role, And Join Glenna Johnson Smith In This Lovely And Engaging Book, As She Recounts What She Has Taught And What She Has Learned During Almost A Century Well Lived. This review first appeared in The Maine Edge and has been reprinted with permission The Return of Old Maine Woman 16.95, Islandport Press is the second collection of essays by Glenna Johnson Smith, a self identified old woman from The County To say that this is a delightful and insightful collection of essays wouldn t do it justice Smith manages to infuse the feeling of sitting around a cozy living room sipping on coffee or tea while you hear about bygone eras of what it was like growing up as a woman in northern Maine Each chapter is a window into different parts of Smith s life, filled with goodwill and humor She doesn t let little things like remembering everyone s name get in the way of telling a good story And she has so many good stories They take you back to a time when the dorms at the University of Maine were strictly enforced male and female, and woe betide you if you were a young woman and didn t have a substantiated excuse for why you didn t sign in on time.And yet despite its charm and warmth, Smith doesn t shy away from big issues, like racism and sexism Bravely told in a way that shows she realize she may have some linger soul searc
I loved this memoir collection of short pieces perhaps even than Old Maine Woman It s just a peach.Glenna s growing up in Easton and memories of her parents and local folk, her marriage and move to Aroostook County where she and her husband raised three sons and worked on and off the potato farm, her years of teaching middle school, and her aging all are recorded in simple, vivid, lingeri
I really enjoyed reading this book The author takes the reader through parts of her life and gives us a glimpse into what life was like back in the 30 s and 40 She describes what life was like back then in a whimsical and am
Gift from Erin and Chris for Christmas 2016 when I had recently had the stoma operation I really enjoyed the stories. Wonderful recollections from a proud old woman who lives in Northern Maine Her stories are told with lighthearted humor and are solidly grounded in the fertile soil of the County. True old Maine woman stories Reminds me of an aunt

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  • Return of Old Maine Woman
  • Glenna Johnson Smith
  • 15 April 2018
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