Winner Take All (Two of a Kind #10)

Winner Take All (Two of a Kind #10)Dear Diary,Today Was The Worst Day Of My Life I Tried Out For The White Oak Softball Team, And It Was A Total Disaster I Couldn T Do Anything Right I Never Even Made It To The First Base I Missed A Fly Ball And I Struck Out Six Times In A Row But That S Not The Worst Thing Ashley Is The New Gossip Columnist For The School Paper And She Wrote Something About Me Something I Didn T Want Anyone Else To Know Yep, this is another one I read about a million times when I was seven There are parts I still remember word for word. This really was a boring book.There was no adventure,fiction, humor..NOTHING Just a fight between two sisters and nothing else.And i have to say that Ashley is the most annoying I really felt pity for poor Mary Kate I was a huge fan of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and was on an endeavour to collect all their movies and books Two of a Kind was a cute little series that offered interesting storylines. i love it The book was good and I love the T.V series took lol mr.burke lol mr.burke 10