Alex Rider Boxed Set: Stormbreaker, Point Blank, Skeleton Key, Eagle Strike, and Scorpia

Alex Rider Boxed Set: Stormbreaker, Point Blank, Skeleton Key, Eagle Strike, and ScorpiaFive Alex Rider Novels Stormbreaker, Point Blank, Skeleton Key, Eagle Strike, And Scorpia The Autor Creates A Teen Super Spy With Finesse And Typical Teen Insecurities Who Is A Likeable Hero Living A Fantasy Come True There Is Plenty Of Slam Bang Action, Spying And High Tech Gadgets In These Non Stop Thrillers I am one of the biggest fans ever of the Alex Rider series and I have read every single book in it This collection features the first five books all of them I have read which are all very well written Alex is a teen boy whos uncle was a spy and because of his uncles background, the British spy Agency recruits Alex When he gets recruited his parents are already dead and he is left with his friend Jack She was a close friend of Alex s family so she is his only guardian Out of all of the books only two of them she goes on one of his missions In the first book Alex gets sent out to a facility on a mountain to climate a man known as Herod Sayle In the second book Alex is sent to another facility were a scientist is cloning people so Alex has to shut it down In the third book Alex is being hunted by numerous people around the world so he is forced to leave his country and go to a mission in Cuba
Since I was a kid I wanted to read these books And for whatever reasons I did not have the chance So what is logical than to start reading them durring the summer of 2015 when I was 22 years old I just had nothing to do and I wanted something light to read So I began Nothing in this world could prepare me for the addiction these books would turn into I love these books All of them My favourite one being Scorpia They are just great Without even realising it I was in my room all day reading I finished the whole series in 1.5 weeks Are these books for kids sure Did I enjoy them though More than I hoped I love the fact that the plot is a little dark It might provide you with a happy ending, but things are not as happy as they can be And book by book one can see that very clearly I s
amazing writing right here Okay, so I had to review the boxed set as one because, frankly speaking, I couldn t stand reviewing each and every book by itself Here s the rundown Stormbreaker was interesting 3 stars Point Blank less so 2 Skeleton Key picked up a bit, but wasn t that great 2 Eagle Strike ditto 2 Scorpia was the best 4 in the entire series I have to say that Horowitz isn t very creative The plot is for every book as follows 1 Alex gets recruited by the MI6 against his will.2 Alex goes off on a mission.3 Alex gets into various spots of trouble.4 Alex has an epiphany All becomes clear, the inside man is revealed, ect, etc, etc 5 Alex is captured by the bad guys 6 Alex miraculously escapes Usually with gadget aid, or his own brilliant skill 7 Alex saves the world Again I mean, I m not saying that these books are trash They re not I was about as addicted to them a couple of years ago as I was to Joseph Delaney s Last Apprentice books They re really good if you re look
I love the alex rider series I have read all the books multiple of times Anthony Horowitz is considered one of my favorite authors.His writing style is very detailed that makes me feel that I am actually part of the novel I also heard
I really enjoyed reading alex rider I suggested my mom to read part one I really liked the physical strength of Alex The book was really thrilling and action packed. Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz was an action packed novel.First of all it had some really cool action, which made it hard to put down For example in the Stormbreaker lab, a place where people made futuristic computers, the boss of the lab wanted to kill Alex because he had overheard that people who boot up the computers will be poisoned Alex was captured, thrown into a water tank, and then left to be chomped up by the Portuguese Man of War He used a special type of zit cream to escape Alex always seems to survive a challenge.Alex had a belt with many life saving tools For example, there were water purifying tablets, medicines for small emergencies such as a cholera, malaria, influenza, and scurvy as well as a knife Additionally, he had a Game Boy that was unusual and useful It could give Alex direct contact with MI6, be used for x ray vision, and could even launch a smoke grenade Every gadget
82 100 Now, don t get me wrong, I think the Alex Rider series is great But it seems like all books have the same storyline And if James Adams From Mucha s CHERUB series faced off in a fight against Alex Rider, Alex would get his butt whipped He s a good main character, but he lacks something Don t ask me what Anyways I give 79 100 to Stormbreaker82 100 to Point Blanc85 100 to Skeleton Key78 100 to Eagle Strike87 100 to ScorpiaI recommend these books to all
I am rating this as a children s series and according to how I viewed the series all those years ago.Full of action, daring stunts and smart escapes this series had it all I have no hesitiation recommending the series
I love this series Mr Horowitz has a tantalizing writing style His use of description is out of this world particularly in a fast paced book of espionage My oldest son has dyslexia and very seldom reads for pleasure Howev