Higher Than Me The Story of Voices of Glory

Higher Than Me The Story of Voices of GloryGod Bless You Three You Are The Pride Of America Tonight That Is One Of The Best Vocal Performances We Have Heard Thus Far Piers Morgan Of America S Got Talent HIGHER THAN ME Is A True Story Of Faith A Three Generation Account Of A Family Tried By Fire A Heart Warming Saga Of Relationships And The Power Of Forgiveness It Is A Comforting Witness Of Our One True God, Who Brings His Goodness Into Our Lives When We Open The Doors Of Our Hearts And Let Him Love Us It Is The Tale Of Mike Cole S Family A Tale Of Poverty And Hunger, Fighting Battles Of Flesh And Spirit, Soon Ripping Them Apart When Love Wasn T Enough, Mike And His Ten Siblings Scatteredthe Old Children Left In Group Homesthe Younger Ones In Foster Care, Never To Be Together In A Loving Home Again It Is Felicia Cole S Tale Of Advantage, The Merit Of Goal Setting, Hard Work And A Never Quit Attitude Follow The Thread Of A Young Woman, Who Devoted Herself To The Lord, Allowing Him To Lead Her On The Path That She Should Go The Story Book Romance Of This Seemingly Unlikely Couple Met Unexpected Resistance As Their Plans To Marry Were Revealed Still Love Reigned Victorious To This Union Came Three Talented Children Whose Lives Fulfilled A Prophecy Spoken Before The Youngest Was Even Conceived Higher Than Me Tells About A Simple Man Of Faith Who Stood Strong For His Family Through The Darkest Of Times It S A Story Of A Simple Woman Of Faith Who Planted Good Seed Into Her Children While She Was Able, Harvesting That Seed Unwittingly As They Sang At Her Bedside In Hopes Of Helping Her Regain Consciousness It S A Tale Of Victims Becoming Over Comers It S A Tale Of God S Love And Faithfulness In Higher Than Me You Will Learn The Process That Took Three Young Kids From Highland, New York, To Worldwide Recognition On America S Got Talent This Is A Classic Beauty From Ashes Story Claudia Stewart Farrell Is A Writer With A Single Visionto Record The Manifestation And Magnification Of The Goodness Of God In People S Lives She Has Been Dubbed A Scribe For God.