The Definitive Albert J. Sterne

The Definitive Albert J. Sterne Albert Sterne, Forensics Expert With The FBI, Is So Obnoxious On The Surface That No One Bothers Digging Deeper When He S Sent To Colorado To Investigate What Turns Out To Be The Work Of A Serial Killer He Encounters Special Agent Fletcher Ash And They End Up Reluctantly Joining Forces To Unravel The Case It S Only A Matter Of Duty, Though It Can T Be , Because Albert Doesn T Do Friendship And He Certainly Doesn T Do Love OhmanOhmanOhmanI really don t know how to rate this book As I picked it up I hoped to find a well written mystery and the beginning didn t give away, not in the slightest way, that it was NOT a mystery If you re looking for a mystery, then you should look for it somewhere else The part about chasing a serial killer is incidental here.I also can t say that it is a romance book, but the relationship between two VERY different men, between Albert, an FBI forensics expert, and Special Agent Fletcher Ash, who is obseesed with the idea to find a murderer but who is not very persuasive in his attempts, is the main focus of this book And it is exactly where I have my issues I just can t believe that this relationship can and could work The idea itself is interesting but less credible.The first half of the book was a pure struggle for me an
I was hesitant to buy this book It s 624 pages, people.624 PAGES.That s not a book, that s a major commitment That s like a marriage Is this the man I want to divorce But much like my first engagement ha, ha, ha actually I m completely serious I said what the hell, sucked it up and opened my screaming wallet It was 7.95.I lost you at 7.95 didn t I Oh, c mon, people, it s not some NOOB It s Julie Freakin Bozza The author of such wonders as The Apothecary s Garden love , Butterfly Hunter no, I haven t read it, but I OWN it and Homosapien a fantasy about pro wrestling Which is about wrestling, fer chissakes It s not my favorite of her books, but it s at least awesome in its singularity It s a gay romance novel about wrestling It bears repeating That s what I love about Julie Bozza each of her books is so different She s eclectic and it shows.Now Albert J Sterne He s kind of a shit He s isolated and he likes it that way No, he s not isolated because he has social anxiety and he s waiting for so
Lightyears away from the standard m m romance.Or better said,this isn t a romance at all.First and foremost it s a psychological thriller.An ambitious and complex and sometimes painfully slow murder investigation and chase for a serial killer.It s also the story of the relationship between two complicated men who couldn t be different and how the case affects their unexpected friendship,the slowly growing love for each other and their very lifes.A warning Sometimes the author let the reader take part at the thoughts,fantasies and actions of thekiller so this is not a story for the faint hearted.The Defi
The Definitive Albert J Sterne is not a mystery, although I ve seen it labeled as such The identity of the murderer is known pretty much from the beginning, making this novel a police procedural and a thriller This isn t a romance either, although a good part of the novel concentrates on the relationship between the two protagonists, but rather a love story and subtle character study Having said all this, The Definitive Albert J Sterne is a terrific novel, ambitious in both its scope and complexity and it is a wonder that it wasn t picked up by some mainstream publisher I bet the folks from Manifold Press are happy about it though.The story is set between 1971 and 1985, a period of change for both the FBI and gay people Although he s gone, the shadow of Edgar J Hoover lingers over the FBI, affecting both the agents and public perception The outbreak of AIDS is a new and present danger The DNA profiling is still in its infancy Against this backdrop unfolds the search for the serial killer, organized, controlled and smart as t
Okay, so this book was boring I was not a fan of the MC s at all At first I loved Fletcher at first, then view spoiler he cheated on Albert and broke up with him Only to get back together with him hide spoiler 5 stars A single flower was staring back at him now, pert in its stubborn survival Not an easy review to write Not because I didn t like the book, just the opposite, The Definitive Albert J Sterne is one of these books that will stay with me for a long time It has so many layers that my amateurish review will most likely fail to give it justice, but here I go Albert Sterne and Fetcher Ash are two of the most complex and interesting characters I ve had the pleasure to read about Page by page Julie Bozza reveals the depths of these two characters on the background of, or should I say parallel with, a years long pursuit of a serial killer What starts as a friendship between Albert and Fletcher slowly transforms into intimate relationship full of self doubts, unsaid truths and uncertainties, and yet, one thing is beyond question for the reader it is love what they share, both deserved and needed The question is what has to happen for these two men to believe in it And trust me it s a journey like no other.Albert is a perfectionist, both in his job and in his expectations towards other people He is a scientist and as such has found a scientific explanation for himself of everything including human emotions He consciously deprives himself of connecting with people since his experience has proven to him that this only leads to disappointment Albert is convinced that most people don t do their best to achieve the
15% DNF Couldn t get into the writing, the plot or the characters Had high hopes for that book but oh well. 2011 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention 5 from at least 1 judge I started out thinking this was going to be a 4 star book, then it slowly turned into 4.5 stars until the book just broke me, and became worthy of five shiny bright stars There was no one scene that tipped the scale it was just the full reading experience The craftsmanship exempting some unfortunate delves into the man , the younger man , the older man usage is impressive I sometimes frowned about the choice of POV, or why some scenes or characters were given so much page space, but in the end it kind of had a nice balance There are three POVs Albert s, Fletcher Ash s, and The Serial Killer s It is not new to use the murderer s POV in a crime novel, but it felt fresh and different in this novel I also have a thing for dark and twisted characters, so for me it was a pleasure to see things from the bad guy s perspective as well as from our two heroes The book is about Albert, but it s also not His POV is the least used one, and in a lot of ways this book is about Ash and his hunt for The Serial Killer But Albert is, to me, the most interesting character His actions are the subtle ones, his character growth is the most beautiful one, and he is the one whose story isn t overtly delved into There are hints about his past, his thoughts, his feelings, his innermost self but we don t get to see it fully exposed like we do with Ash and The Serial Killer There is a lot going on in the story, which is probably also why it is so long, and y
First of all, I d like to thank Uli and Antonella who recommended this book to me Its definitely one of the best books I ve read this year and likely to become one of my all time favourites I know I have fallen for the two main characters when I wanted to abandon soaking in the Mediterranean sea and just read the book in peace Straightly speaking, it s not a m m book, not even a real romance book and I m sure Albert Sterne wouldn t approve anyone categorises it as such It s not even a real mystery even though it s centred around a serial killer case It s a FBI procedural and a very fine character study kind of story and through Fletcher, Albert and even the serial killer, big questions like humanity, good and evil are also there.And don t be put off by the not strictly romance description because the relationship between the rude genius Albert Sterne and his object of love desire, the compassionate Fletcher Ash, is very much the centre piece of the story Am unique and fascinating relationship that set above most m m romance I read But of course, the main ingredient is the characterization Albert Sterne has m