Nightcrawlers 200 Years Ago, The Village Of Clavitt Fields Was Burned To The Ground It Was Hoped That What Lived There Had Perished In The Fire But They Did Not Perish They Went Underground For Generations, They Lived And Bred In Darkness, Adapting Themselves To A Subterranean Existence Now They Are Rising To The Surface, And What They Ve Become Is A Horror Beyond Belief, A Crawling Nightmare Of Evil And Bloodthirsty Violence Bent On Destruction The Night Is Aliveand It Belongs To Them NIGHTCRAWLERS, The Horrifying New Novel From Master Of Suspense Tim Curran. When a bulldozer unearths corpses in a field, it s up to the police to figure out what s going on Out of towner cop Kenney wonders what the rest of the police aren t telling him, what all the townspeople know but are afraid to do anything about the degenerate subterraneans that lurk in the tunnels beneath the town of HaymarketI got this from Netgalley and the fine folks at DarkFuse.So I loved this book It covers a lot of ground that I love in horror books, most notably the secrecy of small towns and degenerate subhuman cannibals or are they Curran took me for a ride I was all set for the story to go off an on inbred hillbilly serial killer tangent but it went in a completely different, even creepier direction.The way the story unfolded was well done After some teaser encounters with the underground dwellers, Kenn
This book was a BLAST I don t even know where to start This is old school, Lovecraftian horror at its finest It even goes so far as to provide an imaginative explanation for this cosmic horror, which I loved.An old abandoned town causes talk Especially when people are anywhere near this town, they tend to hear things They tend to see things Sometimes they don t make it back to their towns or cities of origin Sometimes they get pulled down, never to been seen or heard from again.I m not even going to talk about the plot, because I am aching to talk about Mr Curran s imaginative skills and his ability to get what he sees in that imagination onto paper, or your Kindle screen , in the most vivid way possible I saw things in this book that I have never seennay, have never even imagined before White things Things like mushroomy, maggoty humans Things like.well, seriously, it s fantastic This is another underground story by Mr Curran that scared me and freaked me out right down to my bones If you haven t read The Underdwelling, you should What I liked most about it, is the complete turn the story makes, which takes it right out of creature feature territory and right
This was an ARC from NetGalley.What begins as an homage to Lovecraft s The Colour Out of Space becomes something so much as Curran cuts his own path, offering up a horrifying alternative explanation for the Mythos in this nightmarish thrill ride conce
C tanto Lovecraft in questo piccolo gioiello orrorifico di Tim Curran.Il romanzo in pratica un omaggio al racconto Il colore venuto dallo spazio, ma l atmosfera di orrore cosmico che si respira anche quella de La casa sfuggita e tanti altri classici del Solitario di Providence, mista a scene agghiaccianti da b movie, che esplode alla fine nel pi turpe e disturbante body horror carpenteriano.E la storia fa paura davvero, talmente tanta che neanche ci si accorge dei personaggi appena abbozzati l ispettore Kenney ha due matrimoni falliti alle spalle ed ama il suo lavoro, punto a parte la splendida Elena Blasdhenas, anziana depositaria di segreti indicibili.Un racconto teso, cupo, claustrofobico ed inquietante, a base di boschi nebbiosi, paesini sperduti dimenticati da Dio, tunnel sotterranei, e le creature da incubo ch
4.5 sooner or later your skeletons clawed out of their moldy closets and your demons slipped out of their boxes This story is disgusting, horrifying and even a bit humorous the last one would be a spoiler if explained As strange as it may sound after that sentence, I enjoyed it a lot It s been a while since a book made my hair rise Tim Curran seems to know everything that terrifies Dead Sea or disgust me Nightcrawlers and while I may not love it as much as Dead Sea or my favourite Skin Medicine, this book packs quite a punch.I am very squeamish and easily disgusted, but if the story has supernatural elements, it s fine I won t even mark this anything else but horror so as not to reveal too much.In case you were wondering if it was possible to make something like the Morlocks revolting or frightening, you ll
Some words of advice, if you re contemplating going on a pot holing expedition then leave reading this till after you come back Tim Curran has a wonderfully unique imagination unlike anything I ve read before and that s mainly why I have over a dozen of his books that I m going to read this year.We join the story at the beginning of an investigation involving not just local law enforcement but state troopers as well, digging in a field unearths corpses, lots of them and bones covered in strange bite marks The burial ground of a serial killer or something much worse, a history it seems the locals are fully aware of, strange and deadly things have been happening in the area of Clavitt Fields, a town burnt to the ground 200 years ago and it s now about to get a much wider audience.In charge of the investigation is officer Kenney and he s about to learn all the secrets of what lies beneath this cursed place and the death it brings.There are some genuinely scary moments early on in this story, Tim Curran is the master at creating an unnerving atmosphe
Tim Curran is a mastermind when it comes to creating horrific images of creatures you ve never imagined before His latest novel starts out with a bang, the terror and mystery building immediately I could picture being in the middle of the rising mist along with his characters, discovering things that were best never seen Curran s strong use of imagery creates a palpable atmosphere of claustrophobic horror My only mild c
Little girls chewing on dog bones Hideous ghostly gnarled figures knocking on your windows at night Bones start turning up at an old abandoned farm Cops go missing in woods that locals avoid Secret buried come crawling out of the mud Clavitt Fields, a small hamlet is burnt to the ground 200 years ago, but locals know that something terrible is living beneath the ruins, Nightcrawlers Elena Blasdenhas lived near to the old Ezren farm all her life When police start investigating bones turning up, she knows no good will come of it That s why she leaves scraps outsiders every night, feeding the Nightcrawlers But the truth will out, and Elena finds herself telling the police of the troubling history of the Ezren farm and Clavitt Fields This book is so much fun to read When I wasn t reading Nightcrawlers I was thinking about it, wondering what was going to happen next Nightcrawlers is not
The book started off discovering bodies Lots of bodies that had been eaten by something I thought the story was going to go one way but then the author came out and smacked me upside the head with a whole different direction completely
At once an exercise in immediate horror with a narrative that has been whittled down to its essentials, Nightcrawlers is also a revelry of language, putting to use a rangy vocabulary to craft scenes of terror in excess The plot is simple but worthy of an early Cronenberg film a mass burial site is uncovered outside of a sleepy Wisconsin town, and the ill considered police investigation that follows is menaced by subterranean ghouls Small town secrets and imaginative body horror build to an ambitious finale of dread and wonder The small cast of characters are func