Paleo Breakfast Cookbook

Paleo Breakfast Cookbook The Paleo Breakfast Cookbook 30 Days Of Easy Breakfast Recipes Provides A Month S Worth Of Recipes That Are Easy To Follow And Ensure You Get The Proteins You Need To Be Functioning At Your Optimal Best In The Morning And Throughout The Day 1 The Recipe Choices Provide A Nice Balance Between Quick And Easy For Busy Mornings Like A 10 Minute Salmon And Arugula Salad To A Little Adventuresome When You Have Time Like Mexican Breakfast Chili And Eggs Or Savory BLT Crepes 2 Smoothies Are One Of The Quickest Ways Of Whipping Up Breakfast And This Book Provides A Range Of Flavor Combinations From Strawberry Vanilla To Super Green Spinach And Kale Smoothies Regardless Of The Flavors, They All Provide Protein And Nutrients To Power You Through The Mornings 3 The Recipes Have Been Designed To Make It Easy For Those Starting Out On The Paleo Diet To Figure Out What Is A Paleo Yay Or Nay As The Ingredients Included In The Meals Follow Paleo Dietary Requirements And Are Balanced For Nutrition Efficiency 4 Sticking With Any Sort Of Dietary Plan Requires A Little Imagination So You Are Not Tempted To Fall Back On Old Options These 30 Days Of Breakfast Recipes Will Get That Imagination Revving And Inspire You To Create Many Of Your Own 5 A Full Month Of Paleo Breakfasts Will Have You Feeling Full Of Energy And Focused Throughout The Day, Which Will Help You Stick To Your New Paleo Lifestyle Simply Because It Just Feels So Good. Not for meI like bread too much The smoothie ideas sounded ok, but I m allergic to walnuts and almonds so the majority of them won t work for me.