The Book of Ghosts

The Book of GhostsThe Lie That Bought Jacob Weisen A New Life Cannot Help Him Escape The PastBirkenau Could Not Kill Jacob Weisen He Survived The Death Camp And Made His Way To America, Where He Became Famous Telling The Story Of Isaac Becker, An Author Who Was Tortured To Death When The Guards Caught Him Writing Down His Story Becker S Manuscript Was Lost, But By Telling The Tale, Weisen Keeps His Memory Alive No Other Witnesses Survived And Weisen Is The Only Person Who Knows His Famous Story Is A Lie.In Fact, Weisen Was A Collaborator, Who Led His Countrymen To The Ovens And Gave Becker Up To The SS Decades After The War, As His Lies Begin To Unravel, He Must Choose Between Admitting The Truth And Dying In A Hell Of His Own Creation. I have really loved what I have read of the Bibliomystery series I love that they are well written short stories all about a book or books in general It is a clever idea and some of the biggest names in writing have written stories for the series Now I was fortunate enough to read this story for an honest review and help spreading the word about the story Well, I must be honest and say I was not overly impressed with this book I was excited to read this one because it had elements of Tragedy, Anger, Lies, and Scandal It turns out that the story just wasn t for me I thought it was a bit slow for the most part and maybe if this was a full novel it might have been better If there was time to develop the characters and plot this might have been a much entertaining story It is very difficult to try to discuss the plot of the story because since it is such a shot story I would be afraid of giving things away That being s
This is the second in a series of crime stories which have books as the centre of their theme Jacob Weisen is a holocaust survivor, whose life has inadvertently been based on a lie that, once told, has proved impossible to escape In order to make a new life in the US, he twisted a take about a childhood acqu
LEBENSL GENJakob Weisen ist alt Als berlebender des Konzentrationslagers Birkenau ist er vor Jahrzehnten nach Amerika ausgewandert, wo er eine Familie gr ndete und ein Leben fernab seiner Vergangenheit f hrte Fast Denn einmal erz hlt, verselbst ndigte sich seine Geschichte eines verschollenen Manuskripts, das Isaac Becker, ebenfalls ein Insasse Birkenaus, geschrieben hat Als einziger berlebender Zeuge pr sentiert Jakob Weisen seine Version der Geschichte doch die Wahrheit sieht anders aus Weisen f rchtete den Tod nciht er hatte ihn in all seinen Permutationen gesehen und erkannt, dass er eine Art Frieden bedeutete Er sehnte ihn jedoch auch nicht herbei er hatte ihn w hrend seiner Jahre in der H lle zu heftig bek mpft, um sich ihm jetzt einfach geschlagen zu geben, nur weil er alt und m de geworden war Die Legende ber Das Buch der Geister geriet im Laufe der Jahre zunehmend ins ffentliche Bewusstsein, doch Jakob Weisen zehrt davon, dass das Manuskript verschollen ist, seit es heimlich aus dem KZ herausgeschmuggelt wurde Doch was gesch he, wenn das Buch gefunden w rde Lebensl gen, die zwangsl ufig an die Oberfl che dr ngen, das muss Jakob Weisen allm hlich einsehen, sind ein unbarmherziges Erbe R.F Coleman pr sentiert hier eine Geschichte, die von der Spannung lebt, was letztlich brig bleibt von der Seifenblase, in der Jakob Weisen seit langem lebt und was geschieht, sollte diese zu
Bibliomysteries Obsession, Part II Reed Farrel One L Coleman s THE BOOK OF GHOSTS may be the only holocaust story to make me smile, a grim, mordant smile that is Ronnie Ex told Memsahib That was fun in a holocausty sort of way Coleman is a writer that I have been meaning to read for years Met him a few times and am fond of the dear boy THE BOOK OF GHOSTS tells the story of a man who has been living a lie for decades, many lies actually He is seen as a Holocaust hero, a symbol of the resilience and strength of those who survived the camps His fate is tied up with a mysterious manuscript, which he has always called The Book of Ghosts How do you react when the lies that form your public persona might be threatened Coleman resolves thi
What would you do to survive in a concentration camp Would you lie, kill, abandon your essential humanity This strong tale, well conceived and written, with enough suspense to keep you wondering, looks at these questions and a survivor or is he W
The Book of Ghosts is a story about the power of memories and lies The protagonist and narrator of the story is Jacob Weisen, an elderly man who settled in America after surviving the Second World War To earn
A haunting story about lies, the truth, and the gray area in between, this is a fresh and interesting variation on the Holocaust story, concerning the lies one man tells in order to immigrate to the United States after surviving t