Cherry Ames Student Nurse (The Cherry Ames Nursing Stories)

Cherry Ames Student Nurse (The Cherry Ames Nursing Stories)In Student Nurse, Cherry Starts Nursing School At Spencer With A Mixture Of Anxiety And Anticipation Would She Have What It Takes To Be A Nurse She Leaves Her Quiet Town Of Hilton, Illinois For The Bustle Of Hospital Life, To Meet Challenges She Wouldn T Have Imagined The U.S Is At War Many Nurses Have Gone To The Front, And There Is A Shortage Of RNs At Spencer Which Cherry And Her Classmates Help To Fill, As They Learn The Skills They Need To Graduate And Who Is The Mysterious Patient In The Secret Room That No One Seems To Know Anything About Should Cherry Risk Expulsion To Save His Life On the back cover of this book is a sketch of a perky young woman, with this speech bubble Girls How would you like a nursing career I can tell you that the excitement, romance and adventure make my career thrilling, and make my books thrilling too The Cherry Ames series of books begins here with Cherry Ames, Student Nurse, featuring a fresh faced 18 year old girl called Cherry Cherry , whose real name is Charity , is so called because of her amazingly red cheeks and lips This is a running joke, as a fearsome much respected older doctor continually tells her to wipe that rouge off your face Cute, huh She is spunky, but also, as such books demand, feminine and pretty Her twin brother Charlie is naturally masculine and handsome, destined to study engineering in college, and become a pilot in World War II So far, so formulaeic.The well off Ames family live in Hilton, Illinois, a fictitious town which is based on the author Helen Wells s own home town of Danville, Illinois All her life she had been friends with a neighbour Midge, whose mother had died She watched as Midge
Not a fine form of literature, but an enjoyable and light hearted tale of a young woman leaving a pampered life to become a nurse during WW2 She has a deep calling to be a nurse and to help others, and
After reading some other Cherry Ames reviews, I thought it would be a good idea to suggest an approach to this series If you are used to reading girls series like Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames is rather a switch In Nancy Drew the mystery drives the plot it s the central focus Not so, with Cherry Ames In this series the mystery is a sub plot that you probably won t get a taste of until the latter 1 2 to 1 3 of the book Cherry s plots are driven by her experiences in her new nursing job, the problems she encounters and the people she meets If you read the books expecting that, I think it will be a much pleasurable reading experience.How I ended up reading Cherry AmesWhen I was in Grad School studying nutrition, I discovered, after studying biochemistry, I needed something light to read before going to bed I started re reading my Three Investigators books from when I was a kid When I finished those I re read Hardy Boys, ran out of them and started collecting Nancy Drew Now I read them when I m sick and need something light This year I found a gay parody of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Nancy Clue s girlfriend in the book was Cherry Aimless So, I got curious about the origins of this character, Cherry Ames.I ve been reading them out of order as I find them I read Country Doctor s Nurse, which reminded me of an old 40 s noir BW movie Then I read Chief Nurse I was surprised for a kid s book
When I was growing up, there were primarily three fields for woman to work in if they didn t want to be wives and mothers You could be a secretary, a teacher, or a nurse I still remember reading my first Cherry Ames book, Cherry Ames, Student Nurse I eventually read them all and joined her on her fabulous adventures as an Army nurse, a cruise ship nurse, boarding school nurse, etc Cherry was a black haired, red cheeked beauty who was smart, courageous, mischievous, quick witted, and above all, devoted to nursing Cherry had all sorts of adventures and was one of the first modern women who traveled on their own and didn t need anyone else to support her She had loads of friends but she could take care of herself The first book in the Cherry Ames series follows Cherry as she leaves home and goes away to nursing school The setting of this book is pre WW2 and I still find it so charming The friendships that Cherry forms in this book last through
I love this book Partially because, simply enough, I am Gwen Jones shrugs PReread 4 14 2019 Aggghhh this book It s so cute A lot quicker and a lot simpler than I remembered when I was 12, but it s still sweet and pre
My grandmother was a World War 2 Navy Nurse and when my mother was old enough she bought these books for my mom Cherry Ames is a bright, dark haired, and cheery nurse as was my grandmother.Everyday that my grandmother, now a mother herself in post war America, set out to volunteer at the Red Cross she left in a cape, and a hat not unlike Cherry s own that you see on the cover Also, of course she wore her official Red Cross pin My mother, especially impressed with this dashing attire I am too consequently loved the Cherry Ames books and admired my grandmother very much.Lots of unexpected things happen in this series but the one I liked most of all is when Cherry Ames accidentally happens upon the secret project of a doctor on staff at the hospital she works at He has discovered Penicillin Cherry must now protect this wartime secret I had never thought of it that way, but as the wise doctor points out this drug will save many lives of the men fighting the war He wants it to stay on the side of the good.These books made me contemplate a
I devoured these books when I was in grade school I wanted to be Cherry Ames headed off to nursing school on the train, all decked out in a red suit and ready to help people on a grand and practical scale It still sounds pretty good to me But rereading this as an adult, I found it to be quite a bit less sophisticated and entertaining as the Sue Barton books, which I recently started reading f
I originally read this book kind of as a joke I wanted to see how silly and antiquated it was And while the book was obviously written in a time when nursing was very different from what it is now, I found the book to be surprisingly charming Cherry is a very strong character, which I wasn t expecting I found the old school aspect of nursing interesting, and was pleased to be entertained through the whole book I often read YA fiction to find good books t
Perfection It has just enough of vintage times, effort during the war, descriptions of the life and work as a student nurse Everything I wanted, presented with charm and intrigue I can t wait to get started on book 2. I loved these books when I was growing up It was fun to reread this first in the series.