The Pilgrim Hawk: A Love Story

The Pilgrim Hawk: A Love StoryO Carte Mare De Mici Dimensiuni La Peste 70 De Ani De La Aparitie Soimul Ratacitor O Poveste De Dragoste Continua Sa Se Afle In Topul Celor Mai Frumoase Si Citite Romane Din Literatura Nord Americana.Iubiri Nemarturisite, Iubiri Ciudate Traite De Personaje Sucite Care Nu Sunt Ce Par A Fi Si Care, Aidoma Soimului Pe Care Il Poarta Pe Mana Madeleine,strania Doamna Din Nobilimea Irlandeza, Izbucnesc Salbatic Si Eliberator.Dar La Fel Cum Lucy, Neinduratoarea Pasare De Prada, E Condamnata Sa Se Intoarca La Manusa Insangerata A Stapanei Sale, Toti Cei Care Incearca Sa Scape Din Lanturile Nevazute Ale Dragostei Vor Ramane De Bunavoie Prizonierii Ei. The Cullens, a boorish, wealthy Irish couple, pay a visit to their friend Alexandra Henry, an American heiress living in France Rather than bringing a bottle of grocery store wine or a modest floral arrangement, Mrs Cullen brings her pet hawk Lucy the hooded, undomesticated, pigeon eating symbol of the book Fortunately enough, Alexandra has another guest staying with her named Alwyn Tower that s a man, not an office complex to do the play by play on all the character psychology, so if the blinking, glow in the dark symbolism of the book escapes your notice, he s the giant, pointing finger that says, Hey Will you look at that Even though Tower is mostly cold and supercilious, I ll admit that he can turn a nice phrase here and there which makes many of his trite insights digestible than they really have any right to be.The entirety of this very brief novel takes place during this visit and consists in large part of Mrs Cullen s Wild Kingdom like reportage on the habits of the hawk and the ins and outs of falconry, which after a brief flirtation with political radicalism is her latest hobby Of course, many of these avian behaviors she describes are synonymous in some blindingly metaphorical sense to the workings of her troubled marriage, as well as to the tumultuous relationship between Jean and Eva, two servants in the house At one point, the hawk shits on the parquet floor Ain t that just the way love is But it doesn t help that the Cullens are unlikable, an
After finishing The Pilgrim Hawk I couldn t help but feel as if this sparkling novel la was structured like an iceberg, its crystalline prose and the sharp lines of its prosody creating shimmery effects somewhat akin to a diamond refracting sunlight It s all very impressive or at least impressive enough in and of itself But an icebergs placidly floating across a tranquil bodies of water masks a larger reality only about 1 10 of the iceberg is ever actually visible The mass and bulk lurks far beneath the water line, unglimpsed, unseen, and nearly impossible to get a full handle on Of course, one doesn t have to grasp or even be aware of the entirety of an iceberg to be awed by it but the fact remains that what is rendered visible is buttressed by what remains necessarily out of view So yes, my thoughts on The Pilgrim Hawk are essentially a Formalist s nightmare, dependent on knowledge and information found outside the text itself But my reading of the novel represents one of those situations where my knowledge about the author completely shaped and shaded my thoughts when experiencing the actual text for
This could be an afternoon read, this story of an afternoon in Chancellet, told in the early 40 s, but set in May of 1928 or 1929 Chancellet must be a painful place in the forties, although one of the least changed in France, I suppose, because it is unimportant.That is a remarkable, sublime sentence, occurring early in this book For if this little, out of the way place is unimportant now, it was surely unimportant then And if painful now, then it would be painful then too.No Frenchman is a character in the book no Frenchwoman Our narrator, an American expatriate, is entrenched in the home of Alexandra, another expatriate They are not lovers, just friends, and they spend their days being expatriates A husband and wife from Morocco serve them Along come the Cullens, a married, peripatetic Irish couple, and their chauffeur Seven characters this afternoon Unless, of course, you count the falcon, Lucy, perched on Mrs Cullen s arm.What happens that afternoon, in May of 1928 or 1929, in this unimportant place, is seemingly sui generis But, of course, a falcon is not fed half a pigeon ju
O Falc o Peregrino um romance que aborda os sentimentos e as rela es entre as pessoas por vezes ou sempre mais extenuantes e complexos do que domesticar uma fera selvagem A ac o decorre nos anos 20, numa casa de campo em Fran a durante uma tarde, em que os Cullen um casal de irlandeses ricos visitam a sua amiga Alex O narrador Tower, um h spede da casa, que se diverte observando o casal, enquanto se questiona sobre as rela es amorosas Amor n o correspondido, romance destro ado por peculiaridades ou erros cometidos, sexo fazendo se passar por amor nada disso tem real import ncia, n o mais que um sobressalto volunt rio e passageiro, comparado com a longa prova do verdadeiro amor, em particular o casamento No casamento, as ofensas repetem se continuamente e a dor deve n o apenas ser suportada, mas consentida e a assombrosa quantidade de perd o que um casamento exige torna se esgotante As satisfa es do amor, descobrimos mais tarde, temos que as pagar durante boa parte do resto da nossa vida, presta o atr s de presta o Uma das oito personagens deste romance, para mim a mais fascinante, o animal de estima o de Madeleine Cullen, um falc o Lucy um p ssaro simb lico e universal uma imagem primitiva com asas de ferro, manchas cor de ferrugem e patas de esmalte uma homicida alada, como um anjo, sanguin ria e predad
Es verdaderamente sorprendente lo desconocidos que son novela y autor El halc n peregrino es una magn fica novela, una novela que, como Sontag en su ensayo Cuesti n de nfasis o Michael Cunningham en el pr logo que acompa a a la obra en la edici n que he tenido la suerte de leer, relacionan o equiparan con obras tales como El buen soldado , Los papeles de Aspern o El gran Gatsby A m me record much simo a la obra de Fitzgerald, por su estilo, por el tipo y la complejidad de los personajes, porque en ambas se elige la primera persona y el punto de vista de un espectador m s o menos neutral a los hechos escandalosos que comparte con sus lectores Entonces, cu l es la raz n de tan injusto olvido Cunningham apunta varias razones la escasa obra del autor, el car cter m s europeo que americano de la novela y un t tulo realmente poco atractivo quiz s el El gran Gatsby hubiera corrido la misma suerte caso de llegar a titularse como ten a previsto el autor El enamorado ambicioso La novela es elegante y
Michael Cunningham, in his introduction to the New York Review of Books edition of Glenway Westcott s novel, makes some big claims To my mind, The Pilgrim Hawk stands unembarrassed beside Ford Madox Ford s The Good Soldier, F Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby, and Henry James s The Aspern Papers Each shares the conviction that, as far as human affairs are concerned, it may be better to live hugely and tragically, even in the service of some grand, ardent mistake, than submit to the seductions of mildness, reason, and order One sees what he means and yet I wasn t convinced that The Pilgrim Hawk is quite as good as that Certainly, the narrator of the novel, Alwyn Tower, is a figure reminiscent of Nick Carraway in Gatsby a participant in the action, but as the observing centre, always on the outside.Tower tells the story of what happened one afternoon in 1928 or 1929 at the home of his great friend Alexandra Henry outside Paris Larry and Madeleine Cullen, an Irish couple on their way to a property they had rented in Hungary arrive in a chauffeur driven Daimler Mrs Cullen bears a full grown hooded falcon on her wrist Th
A very strange socially elegant short novel that deals with a hawk that sort of observes the world or at the very least this particular world It sort of reminds me of going to a dinner party and not really knowing anyone yet you stay too long The no
If I felt free to make new bookshelves all the time and not afraid of being overwhelmed by a superfluity of them I would make one just for this book called Love and Trouble Not that that couldn t be the title of everything.I read this book a while back, assigned reading in a class I was taking, and I appreciated it a lot While some people complain that Wescott tries to knock readers over the head with some cave man mallet of symbolism, I felt very differently about it I am in awe of of the kinds of quiet concision and subtlety running all through the text There is not a word out of place, and one is constantly feeling the pressure of it, and yet not much really happens, except small personal and interpersonal tragedy that can feel at once acutely particular and broadly metaphorical There s the slightest bit of James in here but not quite so evasive or jumpy, and a lot cool and intimate.Right now I am going back to read the first paragraphs and I find them almost astonishing Just the fist sentence has so much in it The cullens were Irish but it was in France that I met them and was able to form an im
Life is almost all perch, observes the author, there is no nest No one is with you So there you sit, he continues, and dream and doze to save trouble The metaphor here is a house pet a hawk named Lucy I am not persuaded. Brief, elegant, edgy, and profound, I found myself enraptured by this little gem I was quickly taken in by the narrator s voice, and while not much happens, there is an incredible tension in all this not happening A masterpiece of restrained narration.