Menace Jane Marlow Is A Successful Model With A London Home And A Bright Future But Now She Has A Problem After A Night Of Unbridled Passion With A TV Actor, She S Pregnant After Taking On A Mysterious Modeling Project In The Northeast Of England, Jane Finds Herself Growing Increasingly Attached To Her Unborn Child But Other Changes Are Also Underway Something Is Dogging The Development Of Her Baby, Something That Casts Long Shadows Across Her Before Her Child Is Born, Can An Engagement With A Best Selling Novelist Help Identify What Menaces Her Haunted propertyThis book was okay It had an interesting setting and general creepy atmosphere but shortly became somewhat cliche The setting was really well established but then the story left it for a va
Another high quality Darkfuse title.I must start off by saying that I think that Gary Fry is a very good writer and, as appreciation of any story is subjective, no one can expect to connect with everything every writer writes This one just was sort of meh for me High points for creepiness and good writing I thought the changes that were tormenting the main character were quite well done The points off are contained in the spoilers, however view spoiler It must be said that Fry is treading very familiar ground with a story of this type pregnant woman feels that something is wrong, even sinister, with her soon to be born child so comparisons are to be expected This one to make it stand out required a heavier touch than I am used to from Fry, who is subtle and traditional see his wonderful novella Emergence or even Lurker which is darker but still very traditional in style Ira Levin wrote the definitive story
The first thing I will say, is that I really enjoy Gary Fry s writing I think he brings a richness to his stories through his writing style I think the story got off to a great start, the location for the photo shoot was intriguing and it seemed as though the story was going to be the house and family who had lived there The story, disappointingly, moves back to London and the pacing seems to suffer as not that much happens, any tension built in the initial stages of the story is lost.Also the main character didn t feel very relatable to me, I couldn t engage with her at all After the initial scenes at the house the pacing seems to slow d
I love Gary Fry s style of writing, particularly with his shorter works This story centers around Jane, an unmarried, pregnant model, with a strong Christian upbringing While there are certainly some extremely unsettling moments in this novella the house that she modeled at was particularly good , the story then moved into some common areas that t
Another good quick read by Gary Fry The story is centered around Jane Marlow a model and a Luke Catching a writer Jane gets hired to pose for the cover of a memoir that was written by Luke at this abandoned house near a cliff She goes into the house to change clothes she hears something that sounds like children She looks out the window and there by the cliff s edge are six children They were dressed in clothes that look like it came from the 50 s She
Model Jane Marlow learned she was pregnant before going on location to do a photo shoot While there, she thinks she sees a group of six children out on the lawn but no one else saw them Adding to her unease, she feels like something is moving inside of her belly along with her child As her pregnancy
This is copy 88 of 100 signed numbered copies. A beautiful model takes an unusual assignment to do a covershot for a soon to be published book and finds there is to the story than the author s preference to her face For Jane, the shoot was, at best a little eerie, but it paid well, which was fortunate, as she finds herself pregnant after a one night stand with a popular TV actor The author seems harmless enough, but strange things are happening to Jane, could it be the changes of pregnancy or is there something sinister going on Will it endanger her unborn child Menace by Gary Fry is pure dark mystery, a little haunting, a little scary, but most definitely very entertaining True to his style, Gary Fry writes with a dark veil hanging over his words as the reader is sucked into the dark vortex of black magic and cult like beliefs Spotlighting one well developed character, her emotions, thou
I had a bit of a hard time with this one for some reason The pacing just seemed to be off for me Overall, it was a good story, but the menace didn t build like I was hoping and I never really got the sense of any impending dread The ending I though
Book Review originally published here horror novella by DarkFuse These books all have one thing in common they re definitely quality work Menace is no exception.Jane Marlow is a succesful model who, after a night of passion with a B movie actor, finds herself pregnant with his child She decides to make the most of it, and try to earn as much money as she can before she starts showing When a mysterious modeling project lands in her mailbox, she doesn t hesitate The project is for a book cover by a mystery and suspense author, and to complete it, she must travel to a remote house by the sea in northeast England.When Jane arrives at the house, she s immediately taken aback by its exterior, by the creepy vibe it gives off, and by the sullenness of the place When she changes into her clothes for the photoshoot, and sees a bunch of children playing near the shore, she panicks at first, fearing for the kids safety But when she rushes downstairs, there s no one to be seen.After the shoot, she gets the proof of the cover in her mailbox, sent by the photographer, and to her surprise and horror, the kids show up in the background She contacts the author, trying to figure out what s happening once and for all But Jane has no idea what she signed up for when she