Hunting for Happenstance (A Merchant Street Mystery, #2)

Hunting for Happenstance (A Merchant Street Mystery, #2) This Book Is A Contemporary Sweet Clean Romantic Suspense Suitable For Young Adults And Up It Is A Mystery Under The Definition Of Something That Is Difficult Or Impossible To Understand Or Explain And Not A Mystery Novel With Clues.Story Line High Spirited Daniela Estrada Is Tired Of Waiting For Life And Love To Come To Her In Her Poppa S Butcher Shop She Wants To Open Her Own Doggie Grooming Business On Merchant Street And Live Her Own Life Instead While Deer Hunting, Her Uncle Benito Goes Missing And The Area Is Swarming With Aggressive Black Bears.Practical Duston Buck Cooper, Who Owns The Bird Dog Gun Shop, Has Helped The Police On Cases With His German Short Haired Pointer And Is Training A Karelian Bear Dog Duston Adores Daniela But Secrets About His Brother Prevent Him From Getting Close To Anyone He Believes That If Something Is Meant To Be, It Will.Can Daniela Recruit Duston To Find Her Uncle, And Will The Two Stop Waiting For Happenstance And Attack What They Both Want Love Dustan Cooper has two beliefs that shape his life.Fate will decide his future, and his genes could make him act in the evil way that put his brother in jail So he avoids decisions and keeps his hopes and desires secret, just running his gun shop in Merchant Street, training his two working dogs, and dreaming unproductively about Daniela, the girl he can never have.The police are advised of a body, found in the wilds of the Utah mountain ranges Dustan s skill with his dogs is seen as an asset and he is invited to join the expedition Unknown to Dustan, the self willed Daniela is determined to come along, and after an uncomfortable ride they reach the investigation point and soon set up camp Mysterious tracks there suggest there is going on than anyone suspects.Camping in the autumn in this location is clearly a challenge only the hardiest of heroines and heroes should try It s freezing, the wildlife is aggressive, and a can of bear spray isn t much to stop a 250lb angry bear in its tracks Not only has a body been discovered, but Daniela s favourite uncle Benito has fallen foul of ne er do wells who have no hesitation as they kick, p
HUNTING FOR HAPPENSTANCE by Cindy A Christiansen is a mystery romance, well done and interesting I enjoyed the rugged feeling to the tale and the candid love story.Daniela Strada s uncle disappears and she gets Duston Cooper, the gun shop owner, to take her in a trip that will have both out of breath and frustrated by the end Dustin believes that he is like his brother who almost killed his ex wife in a rage, and that thought keeps him away from her Can she survive the cold treatment she receives from Duston and the thugs who have her uncle Will Daniela and Duston find a way to become that which both are meant to be, or will their dreams never come to pass Once again Cindy A Christiansen has included dogs in her book, and once again they have a heroes part in this great tale It is fun to learn about different races of four legged companions and the love their human companions have for them HUNTING