The Black Security Company Chase Black Book 2

The Black Security Company Chase Black Book 2Chase Black Was An Ex Navy Seal And Now Part Owner Of Black Security Company He Got Hired To Be A Body Guard To A Fouled Mouthed Rock Singer Jaci Hurst She Is Being Stalked Jaci Gives Chase All Kinds Of Problems And Headaches Jaci Gets Kidnapped Chase Finds Out,he Could Be The Reason For The Kidnapping From When He Was A Navy Seal.He Rescued A Woman From Terrorists In Somalia And Brings Her Home Damaged A Man Seeks Revenges Because The Woman Died A Month Later Will Chase Find Jaci Alive I really enjoyed writing this book When i started to write it I wasn t sure where to go with it Then the words started flowing The book has adventure, mystery and romance what could a woman want in a book i was really happy with the way the book began and ended.