Mr. Burns, a post-electric play

Mr. Burns, a post-electric playWhat Will Endure When The Cataclysm Arrives When The Grid Fails, Society Crumbles, And We Re Faced With The Task Of Rebuilding Anne Washburn S Imaginative Dark Comedy Propels Us Forward Nearly A Century, Following A New Civilization Stumbling Into Its Future A Paean To Live Theater, And To The Resilience Of Bart Simpson Through The Ages, Mr Burns Is An Animated Exploration Of How The Pop Culture Of One Era Might Evolve Into The Mythology Of Another Publisher S Website In the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse, can memories of The Simpsons pull people together My lady and I saw this play performed last night and now I shall seek out the book so I can better process and pick apart what we witnessed.The first act of the play takes place just after the apocalypse There is no electricity and a small group of survivors amuses themselves by reminiscing about the Cape Fear episode of the Simpsons A stranger shows up and is eventually accepted into their group This was by far the best act of the play It was really intense and made me forget I just shelled out 50.The second act takes place seven years after the first The effects of the apocalypse are still being felt Travelling groups of actors perform episodes of the Simpsons in front of live audiences, painstakingly reconstructing the episodes from people s vague memories This act wasn t as good as the first but I still dug it once I pieced together what was going on.The third act takes place 75 years after the second I suspect it is supposed to show how the Cape Fear episod
Detailed knowledge of The Simpsons not necessary, but pretty useful. I really, really, really like the premise of the play I LOVE the idea of trying to hold on to a piece of culture in a post apocalyptic setting This play is very Station Eleven in a lot of ways But I don t know how I feel about the delivery in this case, so that s really tough I bought heavily into the first part totally loved the exchange of names that happens when people are looking for their lost loved ones but didn t quite make the leap the wild leaps of parts two and three Especially the mu
Yeah, this was great. This is everything I dislike about weird experimental plays The source material is an episode of The Simpsons, the only thing that differentiates the characters are their names, and the writing is trying to be unique but is just a convoluted mess I m
I loved the first two acts of this play but I think it fell apart in the third act I feel like I get what it was trying to say by having only remnants of The Simpsons remain amid this extremely dramatic play but I still didn
This play is not for all tastes, with its mixture of absurd high concept, stream of consciousness realism in dialogue, and occasional prose poetry flights of fancy, Night Vale style But there s no denying that Anne Washburn has a unique
Smart and funny, Mr Burns mixes dystopian science fiction a world where the grid has collapsed with a set of riffs on how pop culture generally and the Simpsons specifically might evolve over the 75 post collapse years Li
3.5 5 i really need to see this on stage and the fact ive never seen the simpsons mean a lot of it went over my head This was somehow simultaneously a work of genius about how pop culture could be transmitted and transmuted in a post apocalyptic society and a cringe fest 3.5 stars.