To Play with Fire

To Play with FireMarcos Pinheiro Shouldn T Be Thinking About Maggie Pfeiffer, She S A Work Colleague That S All He Can Never Promise Her Anything , And He Learned The Hard Way Never To Make Promises He Can T Keep But Her Fire And Innocence Has Him Constantly Reliving Every Exquisite Moment They Spent During That One Wild, Shameless Night TogetherMaggie S Heart Has Been Buried For So Long And Only With Marcos Has She Ever Felt Free From Her Dark Past But Is Marcos Passion Enough To Chase The Shadows Away Forever Many times I have found myself wondering what type of impact an adoption can have on the innocent, helpless child that is suddenly thrust into a whole new world he or she is not use to For babies it is upsetting but when the child is older, what are the thoughts running through their heads Yes they are scared and unsure of what is to come, some are even happy that they no longer will need to live in an orphanage and that they ve found a family But what if they are not alone, and with them is a sibling and adoption separates them, will they ever see each other again, will the empty void ever be filled These are all questions that author Tina Beckett brings into play in her latest and what is without a doubt the hottest medical romance read I have ever read The story tells of Marcos despite growing up in an orphanage and having to live with not knowing where or with whom his little brother ended up with, he has made a successful career for himself, helping others when they cannot help themselves Everything is going well but then along comes Maggie, she sets his soul on fire and sends his mind spinning But Maggie hides a secret, one she is sure once revealed will send Marcos running , yet once the secret is revealed and Marcos shows her he can fix her right up, things take a turn for the worse when Marcus makes one vital mistake and Maggie is one running I absolutely loved this book from start to finish The characters sprang to life from the very first page and in no time at al
To Play with Fire by Tina Beckett is a very Hot book It was a little hard to get started in it but it turned out to be pretty good Marcos Pinheiro made good on a promise to his father by becoming a doctor He practices in the town he grew up in, although on the other side of the tracks Orphaned at age 6, he has spent the majority of his life alone, thinking of and trying to find his little brother who was adopted Maggie Pfeiffer is a neurologist who has come to Brazil to work specifically under Dr Pinhiero She has taken leave from her home hospital and plans to stay for about a year She has problems with the language and sometimes needs a translator Enter, Dr Pinherio Will the two of them be able to wo
This was a pretty good book I liked the characters, their growth and their personalities There were plenty of emotions and the plot was good There were good friends, some unexpected turns, good parts and hard parts, some touching moments, steaminess, and a good happy ending This one definitely has me want

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  • 02 March 2017
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