Escape from Mt. Merapi

Escape from Mt. Merapi Mt Merapi The Most Active Volcano In Indonesia Killer Or Giver Of Life Kate And Rudy Woke Up In The Middle Of The Night With A Killer Volcano Giving The Performance Of A Lifetime Less Than 9 Miles From The House Office That They Share They Lived In A Safe Zone, But This Time Even The Safe Zone Was At Risk.Mt Merapi, Indonesia S Most Active Volcano, Recently Had The Largest Eruption Since 1872, Killing Over 300 People Kate And Rudy Tell You The True Story Of Their Harrowing Experience During This Dramatic Time.Click The Buy Button And Read About Their Frightening Experience With The Volcanic Ash And Trying To Get Away From The Eruption Only To Discover They Were In A I love the personal point of view. I have to say that this book was interesting I read it in about an hour to hour half It was a quick read.The thought of people living that close to a active volcano and then loosing everything makes you wonder how sane they are But it s their way of life I would recommend this to
Great readThis is a well written and interesting book When I finished reading it I wished it had been I bet the authors barely touched on the people and events I think anyone who is interested in the affect
I found this book very interesting It gave many facts about volcanoes Also it told the author s story of living through devastating eruption It is a very well written story I usually read mysteries and thrillers but thoroughly enjoyed this book. First hand accounts of the eruption of Mt Merapi in 2010 in Indonesia I was struck by how the government and infrastructure was so much better prepared and responded to this disaster compared to some of the other disasters in third world countries in recent years. Good story but it didn t capture my attention the whole time while reading it I guess I was expecting action to happen. An interesting story about a couple who have to escape when Mt Merapi erupts. A true story when Mr Merapi wakes up in Indonesia and leaves devastation along its path A couple living in that place are fortunate to save their lives Narration of their experience.