Broken Sigil

Broken Sigil There Are Houses Like This All Over The World Most People Only Know Of Them From Whispered Stories Over Campfires Tall Tales Told To Scare The Unwary But Somethose Who Sufferknow Better They Are Drawn To These Places To Ease Their Pain If You Have The Will, The Fortitude, You Can Peer Into Another Life, Where The Dead Are Not Gone. When Internal Affairs agent Joe Connors is called to a crime scene, he s surprised to find his former partner, Johnny Provan, dead with a strange sigil carved into his abdomen, gunned down by another cop What drove Johnny Provan insane, causing his partner to shoot him And what did that have to do with the affair Provan had with Joe s dead wife This is the twenty fourth book in my Kindle Unlimited Experiment For the 30 day trial, I m only reading books that are part of the program and keeping track what the total cost of the books would have been.William Meikle serves up a supernatural noir tale of love, loss, and the afterlife in Broken Sigil Joe Connors canvases the building his former partner was gunned down outside of and finds that the building harbors a connection to the afterlife After learning the particulars, Joe moves into one of the vacant apartments and tries to pick
4.5 stars The Darkfuse Kindle Club has once again introduced us to a fantastic story by the wonderfully imaginative William Meikle If you aren t familiar with his previous Darkfuse works check out my spoiler free reviews for Clockwork Dolls and or The Hole This tale begins with internal affairs cop Joe Connors investigating a police shootout in which is former partner was shot That s all I will say about the plot, because it s so unique you should discover it on your own I will say that this cop is no pansy As an internal affairs officer he is not particularly liked by the other cops, think Serpico , and he pretty much doesn t care He drinks and smokes so much I thought I saw smoke rising from my Kindle I was so completely sucked into his story and the story of his ex partner that I came back from lunch late an
A stunningly powerful novella about love, betrayal, tragic loss, and redemption Meikle spins a thought provoking tale that reminds us that, if we pick through the pieces of our shattered pasts, we are going to b
William Meikle is nothing short of a master when it comes to bringing out your emotions and passion concerning his writing This novella focuses on a cop, Joe Connors, and events that transpire after he finds that his former best friend and cop has been shot.This event serves as the catalyst to introduce us to the tragedy that befell Joe earlier, and causes him to begin his quest to recapture the magic that he once had, and lost The tale is emotionally all consuming, gut wrenching, and unequivocally captivating I couldn t tear my eyes away from it even once Meikle weaves a spell with his words that hit at your very core, capturing your undivided attention.This story made me feel so deeply for the characters, that it s hard to remember even after that final page is turned that they aren t actual people Such is Meikle s magic The one story, in my opinion, that comes close in tone to this brilliant novella is a short story
This was a clever , well written slice of hard boiled supernatural noir Told from first person by a tough as nails detective investigating the death of a police officer that happens to be said investigators ex partner and ex best friend This story changes gear
Internal Affairs officer, Joe Connors is responding to a police officer shooting his partner when he came out of a house waving his gun at the officer and raving like a madman The officer that was killed also happened to be his ex best friend The reason for being an ex friend is because he ran off with Joe s wife years ago before she died As Joe investigates the inhabitants of the apartment house, he discovers that this house is very unique, very few are like it In fact, very few in the world exist But this New York brownstone does
. A well written, well crafted tale about loss, guilt and finding purpose, but not in that sappy inspirational sort of way No, Broken Sigil is a haunting, devious little tale that blankets you in its macabre.When I started ready it, I thought, Hmmm A detective murder mystery I can dig that, but I thought this was horror I had forgotten the synopsis and just knew I had wanted to read it After a coffee and a bowl of chili that I didn t even realized I d eaten because I was so immersed in Meikle s tale, I finished And what a perfect ending short and punchy, not overly explained but explained enough, letting readers grapple with conclusions, all the while knowing there can be only one.Meikle s writing style sucks you in and doesn t let you go He relies on prose and craft, rather than cheap gimmicks, foul language, and shock value, which are all excellent in the in your face sort of horror, but not so much in Meikle s sort of humble perfection.Mixing a classic tone with real modern day goth not that emo punk wannabe knockoff , Meikle creates an atmosphere with minimal description and maximum effect The story is not horrifying, but rather haunting, subtle and infectious in its horror.Random asid
I believe this is my first DarkFuse read Having just joined in late December 2013 This novella starts out with the long time BFF of the protagonist, Joe, being killed by a fellow police officer Joe is an Internal Affairs officer with the police department and of course is called to investigate the killing Joe is determined to find the reason for his friend s death I enjoyed this quick read However I felt the reason for Joe s need to find the reason for his friend s death was sort of forgotten I realize Joe got involved in something he nor none of the readers were expecting I felt the story never really told of thismaybe that was the way it was suppose to be, I m not sure I LOVED the characters in this story Joe was a typical policeman and was not going to believe any thing outside the ordinary He seems to grow into thinking outside the box The two older ladies Joe met were wonderfully described I could s
William Meikle is a multifaceted writer You just can t pigeon hole him as this or that type He writes classic monster romps like Night of the Wendigo or Crustaceans, historical re imaginings like Abominable, retro style sci fi horror like The Hole He writes extremely thoughtful and deep character driven pieces that are very fine examples of where dark literary fiction is all about today like Clockwork Dolls and this most recent novella Broken Sigil.This ghost story one had a 40 s crime noir style feel to it Maybe because this is part homage to The Maltese Falcon, a movie lover s dream pic staring Humphrey Bogart my favorite actor , I was destined in advance to really enjoy this one Drawing on the complex and layered movie as a background, Broken Sigil tells the story of a disappearing man.Called to investigate the violent death of an
Another superb novella from William Meikle, Broken Sigil tells the tale of cop Joe Connors who is called to investigate a murder that seriously compromises his judgement and his grip on normality The dead man is his ex partner and ex best friend, the man who had an affair with his wife, which would ultimately end in her death Loves a funny old thing, betrayed by the two people closest to him, Joe still craves the love of his dead wife Brenda and when presented with an opportunity to rekindle that love, he grabs it with both hands.Th