仮面の告白 [Kamen no kokuhaku]

仮面の告白 [Kamen no kokuhaku]Best Book, Kamen No Kokuhaku By Yukio Mishima This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Kamen No Kokuhaku , Essay By Yukio Mishima Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You An autobiographical novel about a boy struggling to come to terms with his sexuality in wartime Japan, Confessions of a Mask reflects on what it means to conceal desire and deviance while coming of age The novel follows Kochan, a queer male, from birth to young adulthood as he realizes and reckons with his sense of difference from most boys Influenced by the work of French modernists, the novel forgoes conventional plot and instead fictionalizes the author s personal history In precise, elevated prose, Mishima sketches Kochan s interiority with great sensitivity over the course of a few hundred pages The author narrator focuses on his childhood in the novel s first half, his teenage years in the second a failed romance with a friend s sister structures the last third of the story Disturbing sadomasochistic fantasies, art
Second reading A portrait of the artist as a solipsistic young queen The model is clearly Marcel Proust s la recherche du temps perdu, with a bit of Andr Gide thrown in too I m afraid the narrator has also read far too much Freud It s a wonder then he didn t know something about the concept of projection For the early memories recounted here, those of a child three or four years old, are clearly imbued with the erotic sensibility of an experienced adult This aspect of the novel seemed strange to me I am not sure why the author wanted it Mishima was 24 when he published the book You might argue that the novel is pretentious and, oh God, it is but it s also a work of burning ambition and monumental talent I do long for an alternate translation This may be na ve of me, but I find it hard to believe that a sentence as wooden as The pleasure you experience at this moment is a gen
It is crazy to think that next year we will be celebrating Confessions of a Mask s 70th birthday Mishima s queer classic, his second novel written in his early 20s and earliest currently available in English, is a coming of age story of a young boy who struggles with his queerness When Kochan happens upon a reproduction of Reni s Saint Sebastian in a book he is immediately drawn to the overt homoeroticism of the work The perfect male physique pared with the gashes and wounds of the arrows implanted within his torso act as a mirror for the novel itself For the two main themes of Confessions and quite a lot of Mishima s other works are male queerness and sadomasochism Both are explored beautifully through Mishima s unflinching prose When reading this I was somewhat taken aback by its sheer influence on the world of queer literature, particularly in the works of Edmund White I was not aware of just how much of A Boy s Own Story owns a debt to Con
What we call evil is the instability inherent in all mankind which drives man outside and beyond himself toward an unfathomable something, exactly as though nature had bequeathed to our souls an ineradicable portion of instability from her store of ancient chaos Stephan Zweig.The air grew heavier as the blood soared the sensuality insect crawled with an unprecedented ardor blinding the intoxication that arose from a monstrous swell The naked flesh bled to the wraith of arrows and while tranquility festooned youthful fragrance, the insect stirred a storm that thundered as cloudy white patches filled the empty spaces The musty smell of the ejaculated sperm mingled with the stale cigarette stink that dangled between the tender lips of an eight year old squatting on the broken stairs, smoking the discarded stub wondering if she could touch the voluptuous breasts of the woman who smiled at her A topless Barbie lay besides, the naked breasts of a doll immersed in nicotine fumes Upstairs, a man admired the lacy lingerie be
A book can be a doorway into another human heart that is the power of reading The price of entry however is sometimes high what we find can be so disturbing that we question if we really want to go there, even for a visit Confessions of a Mask takes us to some dark places We all have masks, of course Living without any form of protection would be living with an open skin But our masks are usually light, easily taken off or exchanged as need be.This mask is made of stone.The title seems to imply a promise all will be revealed because after all, it is the mask who is confessing Well, this expos is apparent than real Written under a pseudonym, Yukio Mishima, we are given what seems to be a story about a youth named Kochan But surely it is the secret memories, feelings, and pain of one sad little Kimitake Hiraoka Yes, it is told in a disarmingly simple style that can be easily breezed through, however you ll want to pause, reflect, study it a careful reading is very enlightening And yes, there is violent homo eroticism in Confessions That, I think, is a mask within masks Ob
Confession , as a word, has a strong connotation prelude to its utterance is a hesitation, and that hesitation alone, is sufficient to engulf the confession maker with an odour that reeks of both delay and guilt.But Mishima s protagonist can take the liberty, because he is behind a mask His frail body that fails him in school, denigrating his boyish flavour to a handful of jokes, holds up its masculine remnants at nights, because he is behind a mask His impressionable juvenile mind that refuses to be grinded between familial ties bordering on love and authority, surrenders to erotic one upmanship of images on discarded and hidden magazines, because he is behind a mask His hasty, dubious shot at making a girlfriend and heaping her with a partner s touch despite wriggling out of it mentally and physically , continues to go unreprimanded because he is behind a mask His unexpected but secretly nurtured corporeal attraction towards his senior, Omi, survives the onslaught of conservatives, because he is behind a mask It is not pain that hovers about his straining chest, his tense abdomen, his slightly contorted hips, but some flicker of mela
Saint Sebastian, Guido Reni The black and slightly oblique trunk of the tree of execution was seen against a Titian like background of gloomy forest and evening sky, sombre and distant A remarkably handsome youth was bound naked to the trunk of the tree His crossed hands were raised high, and the thongs binding his wrists were tied to the tree No other bonds were visible, and the only covering for the youth s nakedness was a coarse white cloth knotted loosely about his loins The arrows have eaten into the tense, fragrant, youthful flesh and are about to consume his body from within with flames of supreme agony and ecstasy But there is no flowing blood, nor yet the host of arrows seen in other pictures of Sebastian s martyrdom Instead, two lone arrows cast their tranquil and graceful shadows upon the smoothness of his skin, like the shadows of a bough falling upon a marble stairwayThat day, the instant I looked upon the picture, my entire being trembled with some pagan joy My blood soared up my loins swelled as though in wrath The monstrous part of me that was on the point of bursting awaited my use of it with unprecedented ardour, upbraiding me for my ignorance, panting indignantly
. 250 . What a great book Mishima did a great job of depicting the story of a Japanese adolescent in Japanese society realizing that he is gay and thus having to wear a mask to hide his true self There is so much mental confusion going through the protagonist s head, a great psychological account not only of teen angst but also of realizing you re different in a society that doesn t understand you I ve read quite a bit on Yukio Mishima and he seems to have been an interesting,intell
Confessions of a Mask 1949 rocketed Yukio Mishima to the literary prominence he so desperately sought as a struggling modern writer The novel explores the obsessions of a young man suffering inwardly with erotic fantasies of men, beauty and violence He strains to conform to a heterosexual life while secretly idolizing depictions of St Sebastian, martyred, with his hands bound and his naked torso pierced by arrows, or becoming aroused by the sight of the muscular nightsoil man walking through the neighborhood Confusion of his sexuality takes shape at a very early age when he falls in love for the first time with Omi, a schoolmate There were, however, numberless impressions that I got from Omi, of infinite variety, all filled with delicate nuances In a phrase, what I did derive from him was a precise definition of the perfection of life and manhood Because of him I cannot love an intellectual person Because of him I am not attracted to a person who wears glasses Because of him I began to love strength, an impression of overflowing blood, ignorance, rough gestures, careless speech, and the savage melancholy inherent in the flesh, not tainted in anyway with intellect 64 The protagonist s psychological examination of his thoughts and feelings is logically sound and vividly cl