Stiff When Rich Folks Die Under Suspicious Conditions It S Always About Money And If It S About Money, Then There Is A Killer Doing Their Damndest Not To Be Caught By The Law When Margaret Rollins, Wife Of Billionaire John Rollins Turns Up Dead, There Are A Slew Of Characters Who Have Something To Gain From Her Death Dexter Reynolds, Harvard Law Graduate And Frustrated With His Job, Conspires To Steal The Next Big Thing In Social Media From His Boss, John Rollins Even The Best Laid Plans Can Go Awry And In This Fast Paced Who The Fock Done It Story, Dexter Reynolds Soon Finds Out That There Are Others Who Are Just As Greedy And Underhanded As Him.Other Books By Author The Pussy WhispersMoistCum For MeInsatiableWoman Worship Poetry This is a short book and an easy read but they focus to much on the sex scenes and not on the mystery it s suppose to be The ending is REALLY bad cause it takes the author like five pages only to unravel the mystery of the death of the main character Who s husband at her funeral aft
I enjoyed this book.short story but interesting plot