Powerful Hypnosis - Revealing Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist

Powerful Hypnosis - Revealing Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist Powerful Hypnosis The Third Bigger And Better Volume Of The Confessions Of Rogue Hypnotist Series Is Here The First Two Books Showed You How To Hypnotise Anyone Using Words Alone How To Hypnotise Anyone Went Straight To No 1 On The Charts For Hypnosis In The US And UK Mastering Hypnotic Language Went To Number 2 On The Charts For Hypnosis In The US And The UK A Top, Lone, Anonymous UK Clinical Hypnotherapist And NLP Master Practitioner Working In London Who Helps Clients In Just 1 Session Brings You Powerful Hypnosis You Will Know What To Do When Someone Is Hypnotised You Have Over 50 Pages Of Hypnosis Scripts In The Appendices Alone Learn The Rogue Hypnotist S Approach To Hypnosis Hypnotic Deprogramming Discover1 The Fact That Hypnotherapy Doesn T Reprogram The Brain 2 How To Create Creative Deepeners 3 A Comprehensive Outline Of How To Treat A Lack Of Confidence In Anyone With A Wide Array Of Scripts That Will Arm You To Successfully Do So, Thereby Teaching You How To Treat Many Others Problems Too 4 How To Elicit Hypnotic ASMR.5 Why You Should Never Use Anything Discovered By Freud Why All Therapies And Therapists Are Mad 6 Cultural Hypnosis In Cinema, Primitive Tribes, Advertising, News Media, Politics With A Thorough Analysis Of Politicians Use Of NLP And Hypnosis To Influence YOU 7 What It S Really Like Working With Client S, Unlike All The Nonsense You May Have Heard And What Weird And Wacky Treatments You Shouldn T Touch With A Barge Pole 8 How To Do Pattern Interrupts Like Dr Spock From Star Trek And How To Appear To Be An Expert And Yet Never Be Fooled By So Called Experts Again.9 The Precise Framework Of A Successful Hypnosis Session And The 30 Golden Questions That You Must Ask Every Client To Successfully Help Them.10 How To Do Hypnotic Cold Reading 11 How To Ensure Drug Addicts Don T Get Withdrawal, How To Eliminate Mysterious Psycho Somatic Pain, How To Remove Client S Limiting Beliefs Scripts Provided.12 How To Do Reframing That Works And Avoid Others Using Reframing Against YOU.13 What To Do If Client S Cry What Self Esteem Isn T 14 How To Use Metaphor And Story To Get Change Detailed Analysis And Scripts.15 A Comprehensive Reading List Of Unique Books That Aren T Necessarily About Hypnosis To Be A Great Hypnotist 16 What Addiction Really Is Understand Why It S Spreading Like Wildfire 17 The 20 Universal Human Needs, And Why You Need To Know About Them To Help Others 18 The Strange Experiment In Hypnosis, The Hypnotic Induction Of Anxiety And How To Reverse The Principles Of The Experiment To Create Hypnotic Bliss And Ecstasy In Anyone 19 The Power Of Your Hypnotic Intent And Expectation And The 21 Questions That Imply Anyone Into Trance.20 How To Handle Ego Syntonic Clients And Why NLP Is Very Overrated 21 How To Do Effective Parts Work And What Parts To Negotiate With Level 1 22 What A Hypnotic Face Lift Is And How Values Spotting Will Get You Deep Rapport Fast 23 What The Problem Matrix Is And How To Beat It.24 What The Placebo Response Is With Some Amazing Examples Of It In Action.25 The Incredible Power Of Words And Ideas And A Whole Lot Double The Fun For Half The Money This Book Will Teach You Even Of The Hypnotic Keys To The Mind, All In The Same Irreverent And Humorous Way The First Two Books Did. Much longer than the first two, but in exchange you get of a rant I enjoyed the authors dissection of the state of therapy in it s various forms, and the effects of mass media on the human consciousness.But at times, he pulls out vast generalizations and editorial like opinion columns Couple this with numerous grammar and spelling mistakes, and you get a book that seems like it was written for the sake of being written.Also, his generalization of how sex and promiscuity was one of the factors that destroyed many empires is just silly and overblown without any proper scientific basis.The really insightful elements were his negatively biased editorial of Freud, which I found interesting, since Freud is commonly references in psychology As well, his break down of his scripts and etymology history of words was also quite int
This is a great read Feeds you loads of information He also has an open mind and cautions the readers not to take ANY established science or methods as being actually credible.I would just add a comment to the reader That the same rule applies to to the contents of this book The author himself writes in this book that the printed word has kind of an authority stance, and can easily persuade a person without the necessary evidence etc The applies to this book he goes off on long rants to discredit many established facts in the medical field, freud, ADHD and many Even though I ll admit that I was pleased to read this info from such an obviously intellectual author Still, I woul
A lotta infoI give the author 5 stars for his information I give the editors only 3 stars More grammatical errors in this one than the first two but still worth the price of admission. This is an amazing way to explain the innards of hypnosisThis is just a wonderful and hypnotic read pun intended it tells so much about how hypnosis is and how to do so much ExcellentA great book revealing information about hypnotism The author gets to the point without a lot of filler Very informative and highly recommended. This book is full of fascinating and useful information, and I am glad that I read it Like the other books in the series, it not only teaches you how to hypnotize, but helps you recognize when hypnotic techniques are being used on you through politicians, advertising, media, etc But this book is poorly organized, and seems to be almost a stream of consciousness from the author Each book in the series seems to be and this way It is as if he is just writing anything and everything that comes to mind without any thought for how these thread connect or interact with each other This makes it a little difficult to follow, and even difficult to reference..where did I read that really helpful bit of information that I wanted to
This third volume from the Rogue Hypnotist is quite a lot larger than the first two and is both powerful and also subtle.A lot is shared concerning the uses of hypnotic language in politics and advertising, fields which are of immense interest to me There s also a lot guidance on de
Interesting information. A bad rehash job and a claim of it being really useful Not much new or unknown info.