Eight Maids A Milking Cursed Witch

Eight Maids A Milking Cursed Witch Before The Witch Began Her Campaign Of Chaos Against Julian And The Eight Virginal Maidens, She Was Just A Girl Named Alaria Crowley Alaria Was Born To A Mother Who Died After Alaria Drained The Life From Her And A Father Who Is A Lazy And Inept Magician Alaria Practices Hard At Her Craft And Tries In Vain To Use It Against The Father Who Forced Her To Become The Village Whore To Support He And His Beautiful Wife, Pilar But Alaria And Pilar Can No Longer Resist Their Lustful Desires For One Another And Alaria Feeds Hungrily From Pilar To Gain The Power She Seeks But Their Wicked Liaisons Are Discovered When Alaria S Father Spies On The Two Women And Enacts His Enraged Revenge.This Is Volume Four Of A Wicked Steampunk Erotica Fairy Tale, The 10,000 Word Eight Maids A Milking Cursed Witch, A Steamy Victoria Fairy Tale Of Lust And Invention.