The Giving Tree

The Giving TreeOnce There Was A Treeand She Loved A Little Boy So Begins A Story Of Unforgettable Perception, Beautifully Written And Illustrated By The Gifted And Versatile Shel Silverstein.Every Day The Boy Would Come To The Tree To Eat Her Apples, Swing From Her Branches, Or Slide Down Her Trunkand The Tree Was Happy But As The Boy Grew Older He Began To Want From The Tree, And The Tree Gave And Gave And Gave.This Is A Tender Story, Touched With Sadness, Aglow With Consolation Shel Silverstein Has Created A Moving Parable For Readers Of All Ages That Offers An Affecting Interpretation Of The Gift Of Giving And A Serene Acceptance Of Another S Capacity To Love In Return. HEY, KIDS AND SHEL SILVERSTEIN FANS COME OVER HERE AND READ THIS Okay, this some motherfuckin fucked up shit right here The Giving Tree is the straight up wack story of how this selfish little ass faced prick kicks it with this full on saintly tree Ever thin fine for a while, y all, with the lil prick all gettin up in there an sayin to the tree, Yeah, you know you mah bitch, but then all of a sudden, this jumped up prick go through puberty, get his chia on or some such shit, and so he s off screwin the skank ass bitches on the block all damn day and can t spare one motherfuckin minute for this poor old tree who waitin for him and lookin all motherfuckin sad an droopy an shit So this little punk ass bitch come up on the tree this is a motherfuckin tree, hear and ask her cuz she a sexy ass lady tree fo some g s Well, the tree is all, like, I ain t got no cash, bitch What part o me say ATM on it Mmm hmmm I thought so And she shoulda held up there, but no this tree gets all fuckin benevolent and be, like, Well, I got mad apples you can go hustle on the streets So this ass faced prick just, like, boosts all these goddamn apples an leaves this tree with, like, its weave all out an shit So next, after workin the streets wit his crew, little bitch boy come back, l
I recently read this book to my little boy It s not the first time I ve read it It s probably not even the tenth time But it s the first time I ve read the book in a decade, and given the fact that my memory is like a cheese grater, I like to think I got a pretty fresh experience The result is this I honestly don t know how I feel about this book Even if you haven t read the story, you probably know the gist of it A tree loves a young boy and gives away pieces of itself to the boy to make the boy happy On one hand, this story can be taken as an open, honest exhortation toward selfless Agape style love Love which asks nothing Love which gives everything On the other hand, this story can be read as a horrifying condemnation of dysfunctional unrequited co dependance After reading the book, I honestly don t know which it is On one hand, taking this book at face value is probably a fool s game Silverstein was a twisted sarcastic bastard He wrote lyrics for Dr Hook Most notably Freaking at the Freaker s Ball And back in my misspent youth, I discovered a poem of his in one of my Dad s Playboys It was called The Great Pot Smoke Off My point is, dude was part of the
I know that many people have a sentimental love for this book, and I respect that you can t rationalize emotional connection And generally, I like this author But with this book, since it inspired no real emotional response in me, I am left with only the rational perspective, which in me was this This book troubles me deeply, because it enshrines self destructive and self pitying martyrdom as the paragon of love for others And I think there is already far too much of this in our society This book seems to say that if you really love someone else, you will damage yourself, cripple yourself, tear down your boundaries, destroy yourself for them And further, it implies that those who are loved must by nature use and devour those who love them An incredibly unhealthy model for love and relationships, especially for a child s book I am a parent of two, and though many parents have offered up this book as representative of the true nature of parental love, I cannot agree If I were to raise my children this way, I feel I would only be teaching them to take selfishly from those who love them, to use people up and always expect and on the flip side, I
Co dependent tree needs to set some fucking boundaries. Scrolling down, it seems several reviewers resent this book s apparently heavy handed message about selfishness selflessness I can totally understand why they find it upsetting or sappy Overbearing, even But I don t agree.Some fascinating theories have been put forth about The Giving Tree. It s deceptively simple on its surface, yes But if this were truly just some hard and fast hippie dippy morality tale, would its two main characters living natural tree, growing human boy and their relationship have weathered such extensive interpretation over the years Professor Timothy Jackson from Stanford University found on Wiki Is this a sad tale Well, it is sad in the same way that life is sad We are all needy, and, if we are lucky and any good, we grow old using others and getting used up Our finitude is not something to be regretted or despised, however it is what makes giving and receiving possible The you blame the boy, the you have to fault human existence The you blame the tree, the you have to fault the very idea of parenting Should the tree s giving be contingent on the boy s gratitude If it were, if fathers and mothers waited on reciprocity before caring for their young, then we would all be doomed.An admirable assessment from a theologian although
The Giving Tree, Shel SilversteinThe Giving Tree is a children s picture book written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein First published in 1964 by Harper Row, it has become one of Silverstein s best known titles and has been translated into numerous languages 2009 1383 55 9645599326 1388 1392 9789645599322 20 1385 36 9643891739 1387 9786009060184 1390 52 9786009241309 1392 58
Yes, the boy is a selfish bastard, who doesn t deserve the love and generosity he gets time and again Anyone who read this book as a child is well aware of this fact.Nonetheless, I m shocked to see how many disliked it My only thought is that many readers allow their hatred for the boy to be confused with hatred for the book Does the book condone the boy s behavior, or simply seek to tell a narrative Does the quality of a book suffer when the moral quality of its characters flags It is the job of narrative to relate a story It is the job of a classic to relate a timeless story, to which countless readers of any age can relate So whence the hatred Is it because so many readers have known people who have taken and taken with such unrelenting fervor that they then displace this hatred onto a book that merely tells a story so fundamental it can
Please visit our blog at to see this and other reviews The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is a must read for children It s a story that can bring tears to your eyes Children can learn about the importance of caring, giving, and how we should treat others This essent
This book review is now available on my blog at So it is Christmas time, and my wife likes to have all of us my wife and I, and our three years old twins do a different event each night during Advent as a family I like this practice it is little things like this that keep our family strong Tonight s event was reading Christmas themed books.We decided to read THE GIVING TREE as well as three other Christmas books Had I foreseen what was about to transpire I would have omitted THE GIVING TREE from my selection.Allow me to replay said event The setting Mommy and Daddy s bed.After a torturous time of getting my kids to brush their teeth, put on their pajamas, and convinced that they should only bring two stuffed animals apiece to bed, I began to read the books The first book went well The kids laughed My wife and I smiled The second book was just as good as the first book More laughter More smiles Then it was time for THE GIVING TREE Now I ve read all of Shel Silverstein s books I find them quite enjoyable and zany and creative THE GIVING TREE was no different Or so I thought You see, I never really paid much attention to the story Well that s not entirely true I have always liked the message about giving