A Different Kind of Christmas

A Different Kind of ChristmasThis Is A Very Special Novel That Sparkles With The Same Memorable Writing That Made ROOTS An American Classic.This Is The Story Of Fletcher Randall, A Nineteen Year Old From North Carolina Whose Politically Powerful Father Is A Plantation Owner, And, Of Course, A Slave Owner The Time Is 1855, And All Fletcher Randall Knows And Believes About Slavery He S Learned From His Father.But Fletcher Goes To School Up North, And One Or Two Of His Princeton Classmates Talk About How Wrong Slavery Is Until Fletcher Begins To Think For Himself And He Becomes A Traitor To His Background, To His Family, By Conspiring To Aid In A Mass Escape Of Slaves On The Underground Railroad His Partner In This Plan Is A Black Slave By The Name Of Harpin John, A Man Who Plays The Harmonica So Sweetly It Could Make A Grown Man Cry Christmas Eve Is The Secret Date Set For The Escape.How These Two Men Of Such Incredibly Opposing Backgrounds Join Together To Achieve The Goal Of Freedom Makes A Different Kind Of Christmas Soar With Unforgettable Inspiration This Is A Timeless Tale Of Spiritual Regeneration, Moral Courage, And Powerful Humanness, Meaningful And Memorable To Readers Of All Faiths And All Ages. A Different Kind of Christmas is a short novel about the Underground Railroad and the escape of some Southern slaves during the holiday festivities Fletcher Randal, the son of a North Carolina plantation owner is attending college at Princeton in 1855 He meets three Quaker students who take him to their home in Philadelphia where he is exposed to their anti slavery beliefs and the Underground Railroad His conscience bothers him, and Fletcher vows to help their cause.The book is written simply so it would be appropriate for middle school students as well as adults There is quite a bit of important background about the Underground Railroad, the Quakers, and slavery in the first half of the story Some of it is woven into the story, but Fletcher is shown researching at the college library to learn about the subject When Fletcher returns to North Carolina for the Christmas break, he meets the engaging character Harpin John Tension builds as they make their plans since there is great danger to both the escaping slaves and the conductors of the Underground Railroad.The book works if the reader thinks of it as an instructive parable or fable, fine for older children Since the book is marketed to adults, it seems like the
My first impression on seeing this book was that it was the kind of book that bestselling authors often release during the holidays and that are seen near the registers at bookstores, Hallmark shops, and Wal Marts Such books tend to be attractively bound and sized to fit in stockings In most cases they are short, shallow and saccharin sweet Having read it, my first impressions were borne out I suspect that Alex Haley took advantage of his success when sales of Roots took off and whipped off a holiday book It s hard to blame him Such books probably require little effort and enjoy brisk, albeit brief, sales Simply put, this is a Christmas story about the Underground Railway, the network of safe houses and volunteers that worked to assist escaping slaves on their flight to freedom The protagonist is Fletcher Randall, the southern scion of a slave owning senator Fletcher s family has sent him north to Princeton University to obtain an education and with the assistance of a family of Quakers, he does just that On learning, apparently for the first time, that slaves are mistreated while in bondage, Fletcher experiences an epiphany, decides that slavery is bad, and throws himself heart and soul into the struggle by volunteering to work for the Underground Railway What happens after that, well, that s the story, isn t it If y
It s not often I wish that an author had been long winded or that a book had been longer, but that was certainly the case here Alex Haley tells the story of the son of a southern plantation owner who while at Princeton has an experience which enlightens him about the evils of slavery Later as he s returning to the plantation he has much on his mind then celebrating the Christmas holidays, as he s to meet up with a mysterious person there who shares both his views and a common goal which is to plan an escape 100 pages is not enough for much character development and the ending is pretty much left to presumption The Underground Railroad is such a interesting topic and anyone who read Roots and that should be everyone knows Haley is a great writer
Perfect read for a child learning about the Underground Railroad It s simply written and would be a great learning tool This was my first Haley read and I enjoyed it Not a lot of emotion for such a heavy topic I wanted to see emotional turmoil between the characters As the plot got enga
Haley is known, of course, for his Roots saga He also wrote this little novella about an only child of a plantation and slave owner who is sent for an education at a northern university He is unlike either the rougish southerners or the brash northerners and requests a room in a different dorm There he encounters Quakers who introduce him the integrated society of Philadelphia As he comes to terms with the inner tumult this provides, he decides to become involved with the Underground Railroad And an escape of twelve
This was a small novella about the Underground Railroad and a Christmas Eve slave escape masterminded by the son of a plantation owner and a black slave It is simply written, and would be great for a middle school audience learning about the Underground RR and how it began Moral of the s
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  • A Different Kind of Christmas
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  • 17 April 2017
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