An Unexpected Match (Between Two Worlds #1)

An Unexpected Match (Between Two Worlds #1) Rachel Beiler Loves Her Job As The Teacher In Her Amish Community She S Obedient, Humble, And Compliant And Tries To Keep The Ordnung To The Best Of Her Ability But Rachel Has A Secret Something That Could Get Her Shunned If She S Found Out She Loves Knowledge And Yearns For A College Education.After Serving A Dozen Years In The Army, Rob Lanier Has Returned From Afghanistan But Now That He S Home Again, He S Constantly Reminded Of His Family S Fall From Grace His Father Once A Highly Respected And Wealthy Community Leader Has Disgraced The Family, And Rob Can T Find It In His Heart To Forgive Him.When Rachel And Rob Meet, Sparks Fly But When A Series Of Frightening Events Surrounding Rachel S Brother Johnny Brings Rachel S World Crashing Down Around Her, This Unlikely Match Between An Amish Teacher And An Englischer Ex Soldier Seems To Be God S Perfect Answer. Unexpected ConsequencesAll Rachel wanted was to learn and broaden her horizons Intelligent, curious, yet committed to her Amish community and especially her family, she was torn between her need to learn and them She needed to learn as much as she needed to breathe Amish restrictions upon her chafe so she decides to secretly take a college coursewith totally unexpected consequences when she meets Rob Meanwhile her brother runs afoul of some nasty characters further complicating her life Faced with challenges, Rachel must decide whether she will remain Amish or follow her heart This reviewer enjoyed An Unexpected Match and can recommend it as a good read One caution, the Amish community of this book doesn t accurately reflect all Amish communities everywhere In my area, they re so much conservative and strict than those described in this story that much of what occurs in the book wouldn t occur around here For example,
Loved it my first book by Gayle Roper and it was a page turner. One of those books you have to stay up until midnight to finish Summer Romance Book BINGO 2019A book with a purple cover About the Book Rachel Beiler loves her job as the teacher in her Amish community She s obedient, humble, and compliant and tries to keep the ordnung to the best of her ability But Rachel has a secret something that could get her shunned if she s found out She loves knowledge and yearns for a college education.After serving a dozen years in the Army, Rob Lanier has returned from Afghanistan But now that he s home again, he s constantly reminded of his family s fall from grace His father once a highly respected and wealthy community leader has disgraced the family, and Rob can t find it in his heart to forgive him.When Rachel and Rob meet, sparks fly But when a series of frightening events surrounding Rachel s brother Johnny brings Rachel s world crashing down around her, this unlikely match between an Amish teacher and an Englischer ex soldier seems to be God s perfect answer.About the Author Gayle Roper is the award winning author of than 40 books and has been a Christy finalist three times Gayle enjoys speaking at women s events across the nation and loves sharing the powerful truths of Scripture with humor and practicality She lives with her husband in southeastern Pennsylvania where she enjoys reading, gardening, and her family.My Review The Amish have a certain way that they wa
This is the riveting tale of a woman torn between two worlds as she attempts to follow God s path for her life Pleasing both sides is impossible but I so wanted it to work out Why couldn t she have it all How could she possibly choose And live with the ramifications of whatever choice she finally makes Rob s return home to the community he grew up in is a surprise even to him As is his attempts to connect with his estranged father Add in a dysfunctional
It took me a little bit to really get into this book Not that I wasn t liking it, but the beginning wasn t one of those grabs you and doesn t let go starts That said, I was intrigued by the characters enough to continue through But, my goodness Things really start moving along quickly once Johnny s side story ent
When did I become such a fan of Amish books I have no idea, but they sure are fun to read I was really enjoying this book, but then the relationship between Rachel and Rob happened way too fast, and it made me knock off a star view spoiler
Amish widow, Rachel Beiler, is teacher by day and college student at night Excited but nervous she meets two good friends on the very first day of class She knows it is wrong but she so loves to learn She loves her family deeply and hates that she is betraying them and her Amis
A truly delightful story by Gayle Roper Rachel deals with going to college and the family eventually finding out She meets Amy and Rob at college and falls for Rob She must decide if she is willing to be shunned for love or not In the meantime her brother is beaten up and she must try to k

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  • 352 pages
  • An Unexpected Match (Between Two Worlds #1)
  • Gayle Roper
  • 18 November 2017
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